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The Bedfordshire pages are now expanding with information about the various towns and parishes within the county including histories, church information, etc.


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Welcome to the Bedfordshire EnglandGenWeb Project

This website is part of the BritishIslesGenWeb Project and is provided as a resource for individuals researching their English ancestors who originated in this county. Questions or Comments about the Bedfordshire website should be directed to Martin Edwards.

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Genuki-England for Bedfordshire

GENUKI Home page

If you are a new researcher to Bedfordshire, please take a few minutes and visit the Genuki-Bedfordshire pages.

These pages contain a wealth of information pertinent to all facets of English research in this county to be found on the Internet.

Index of Pages Available

The Bedfordshire pages are built from general information about Bedfordshire and links to pages related to the area. A page is available listing the towns and parishes in the county with related links. Information about records held is also available.

Some Bedfordshire Societies are described here with their respective links.

Bedfordshire Map

The Bedfordshire Lookup Exchange offers look ups based on various documents to be found on their webpage.

Research Interests Surname List

There is a surnames list, compiled of the Bedfordshire research interests of a number of Internet users.

Tip: Always use the CHAPMAN codes when referring to English counties.

Information about people, places, events, topics, etc., relevant to Bedfordshire Genealogy and History can be found on these pages simply and easily. Bookopen.gif - 1655 Bytes Available Links. These pages contain a wealth of information pertinent to all facets of English research in this county.

Query and Surname Sources

Please feel free to post your query or surname to our Bedfordshire Query BBS system. NOTE: Your query must reference Bedfordshire or else it will be removed.

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Ruth & Barb's Genealogy Park 
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Mail Lists of Interest

Click here to see a listing of all England Mail Lists hosted by RootsWeb.

For This County

To subscribe to the following mail list, please send a new email to the address listed below. Type the word SUBSCRIBE in the message body - no other text. You will receive a welcome message from the listowner with list instructions. To post to this list, address your mail to the list name without the -REQUEST part! Enjoy!

  • is a mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the county of Bedfordshire, England.

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Bedfordshire Genealogy Calendar

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If you have a genealogical event related to Bedfordshire that you wish to announce or you want to know about genealogical events pertinent to Bedfordshire then consult the Bedfordshire Genealogy Calendar

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