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Cambridgeshire - Martin Edwards - Genweb Maintainer

Hello!! Thanks for taking the time to find about me, the maintainer of these pages.

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Last known prison photo of your maintainer

This is my last passport photograph. Funny they never seem that bad initially.

For my sins I am the Chairman of Cambridgeshire Family History Society and the maintainer of the following sites: Genweb Cambridgeshire, Genweb Huntingdonshire, Genweb Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire FHS, GENUKI Cambridgeshire, GENUKI Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire History, Local Ancestors, GenConnect Cambridgeshire, GenConnect Huntingdonshire and GenConnect Bedfordshire Bulletin Board.

Genealogy has been my passion from the mid-1980's originally taking second place to rugby. There comes a time when, aged 45, you just cannot keep up with the youth on the rugby field and playing in the front row (hooker) begins to take its toll. So after 28 years I gave up my one truly loved sport and have devoted all my energies to genealogy.

I have been tracing at least 7 lines for many years now, 6 of which all centre upon the Isle of Ely. Good enough reason I thought to search out all possible information on the Internet for Cambridgeshire. My eyes were opened then to the fact that Cambridgeshire was not really represented and for the last few years I have set out to try and remedy that fact.

I have tried, on these pages, to present as much information as I can, GENUKI is the virtual reference library and these pages are for direct information. You may notice that I have tried to sectionalise these pages and in many instances I have tried to actively encourage your participation.

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Much of my spare time is spent wandering Cambridgeshire looking for items of interest for these pages. Like Roy Rogers, the Lone Ranger, Knight Rider or who ever takes your fancy I need a faithful steed. Fortunately for me the company supply a car (I am the Group Product Manager for a Computer Company) and dear old R618GOJ has done me proud. Sadly the law decided to take me of the road for 18 months but she was there when I returned to it in February 2000. Not that I am quibbling as my time spent travelling into Cambridgeshire was by bus or somebody else driving and you really get to see things you would not while driving (either that or you are a menace to society (sly grin)).

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Maintaining so much and being Chairman of Cambridgeshire FHS has taken its toll on my personal life. Never mind the thought of family trees what about the family grass. I have been so engrossed in the past that simple chores get overlooked. The result is what you see on the left. The 29th May 2000 will go down as a momentous occasion as I actually cut my grass, the results of which can be seen left. Even my neighbours came out to celebrate with me!!!! It didn't stop me publishing more pages though (big smile).

What do I get from all this? The pleasure and satisfaction of helping others. In the past many people have helped me on the Internet which has made major inroads into my family trees. This is my way of saying thank you and giving something back.



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