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Cambridgeshire Ancestors

We all have ancestors, some of which were fairly colourful. These pages attempt to host some of these characters and tell the brief story of their lives. Be they heroes or villains, saints or sinners - if they have a tale to tell then they can appear here.

If you have a portrait of an ancestor from Cambridgeshire, born there or not, and you think it would be of interest then email me the details and I will endeavour to do them justice.

Please email me for an address, the email address is below.

Thank you,
Martin Edwards

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Ancestor Selection
  • Christopher Adcock
  • Frederick Archer
  • Barritt, of the Fenlands
  • Bell, Edward
  • Collen, James
  • Custance Family of the Fenlands
  • Boyce, Richard Dixon
  • Collen, James
  • Crisp, Fred
  • Day, Reason and Samuel
  • Dobito, Catherine
  • Dobito, George (his Will)
  • Edwards, Rev. Arthur William
  • Handley, Samuel
  • Handley, Uriah
  • Hanslip, John, of Lakenheath (his will)
  • Harvey Family of Wicken/Soham
  • Haylock, Dr. Thomas Buswick
  • Haylock, William (his Will)
  • Kettle, Benjamin
  • Lanham, George
  • Markillie, Josiah
  • Markley, Thomas
  • Moore, Thomas, of Isleham
  • Peckover, Alexander & Priscilla
  • Stock, William James
  • Webb, Jonas
  • Westnutt, William
  • Woollard, Thomas
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