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Cambridgeshire Emigration - Links

As there were many Cambridgeshire people who emigrated to all parts of the world it is always useful to find sites that may contain some information about these souls. This page attempts to provide some links for that purpose, if you know of others please let me know.

  • Australian War Memorial

    This is an Australian site for all personnel in the armed services not just those that died. There is an abundance lot of information and you can look up names of all WW1 Service personnel. There are also some photographs. There is also the National Archives in Canberra.

    The Australian National Archives in Canberra ACT 2600 holds most Federal and National Records. It can supply on request full Dossiers of Service Personnel who served in the Boer and WWI.

    The e-mail address is :
    Queen Victoria Terrace
    ACT 2600

    PO Box 7425
    Canberra Mail Centre
    ACT 2610

  • Dept Of Veteran Affairs

    This site contains current Veteran information but has a Historic Section and is very diverse.

  • Australian War Memorial.

    Contains all names of Military Personnel Boer and WW1. Plus other sites of interest.

  • Written History of Australian

    This ite is as it says covering serviceman in all conflicts.

  • General

    Covering general information.

  • British Columbian Archives

    This covers:

    • Births Registration Index: 1872 to 1903, events up to 1903 Basic Search on The Marriage Registration Index: 1872 to 1931, events over 75 years old.
    • Basic Search on The Death Registration Index: 1872 to 1986, events over 20 years old.
    • Basic Search on The Colonial Marriage Index: 1859 to 1872. Basic Search on The Baptisms Index: events over 120 years old.

Contains a mass of Passenger List links.

  • Australian & New Zealand Genealogical Links

    contains links to various shipping for Australia & New Zealand.

  • Passenger Lists on the Internet

    A search facility to find Passenger Lists on the Internet.

  • Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

    A group of volunteers dedicated to making the search for ancestors easier. The Guild grew out of a need to find ships’ passenger lists right here, on-line. Many people who are searching do not have the strength of body to leave their homes and find this information. Many do not have the eyesight to search microfilms. Many with small children need to be at home with them while others do the leg work and some of us, to be sure, just want to do it the easy way.

  • Family History in India

    A website for people tracing their British, European and Anglo-Indian family history in India, Burma, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

  • Maritime Information Gateway

Port is an online catalogue of high quality maritime related Internet resources. Every resource has been selected and described by a librarian or subject specialist. Services and materials developed by the Museum's Centre for Maritime Research are also available on this site.

  • National Archives of Canada

    From the first voyages of discovery to the social revolutions of the present day, the story of Canada is best told by the people who lived that story. Their countless letters, diaries, pictures, official documents and records serve as the collective memory of the nation.

    The National Archives of Canada preserves Canada's archival heritage, and makes it available to Canadians through a wide variety of means - publications, exhibitions, special events, as well as reference and researcher services.

    Founded in 1872, the Archives' collections today include millions of records, including texts, photographs, films, maps, videos, books, paintings, prints and government files, that bring the past to life. We encourage all members of the public to visit the National Archives of Canada - to pursue a special field of research, to view the constantly changing exhibitions, to learn more about Canada's rich and diverse heritage.

  • Australia & New Zealnd in France WW1

    The Somme is a river that gave its name to a "département" (France is made of 95 départements). The Somme département is situated in the North of France and is well known for its numerous historic places and is a symbol of the British Commonwealth troops committing during the First World War. This website has been conceived for helping overseas visitors to organise their travel to the Somme battlefields and memorials and to follow in the Australian and New Zealander fighters' footsteps. Their sacrifice memory is firmly rooted in everybody's mind, and we are very glad to help the "Aussies and Kiwis" to set up their visit and stay in the Somme département.

  • Infospace Person Search

    Allows searching for people by country - add the appropriate country to the URL or select when there: for Example 'uk' would search the United Kingdom. Replace 'uk' with the appropriate country e.g. code 'ca' for Canada or 'au' for Australia etc.

  • Ballarat & District Genealogical Society Inc.

    This is an excellent site for those interested in the gold Fields and migration to Ballarat Victoria Australia

  • The (In)Complete Spare Burials List

    Find lists of burial plots of people who have died in Australia in the last 200 years.

  • Genseek Genealogy

    Designed as a guide to assist in locating sources for your family genealogy and history.

  • Dept Of Veteran Affairs.

    This site contains current Veteran information, however has a Historic Section and is very diverse.

  • Australian War Memorial.

    Contains all names of Military Personnel Boer and WW1. Plus other sites of interest.

  • Australian War Diary

    Written History of Australian Serviceman in all conflicts.

  • Australia

    General information site.

  • Shipping to Victoria

    Information about shipping to Victoria, Australia.

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