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Cambridgeshire Strays


The Strays listed on these pages do not constitute every Cambridgeshire Stray to be found under that heading just those that have been entered on the database.

In their purest form "Strays" are persons who were born within the County with a reference recorded outside of the County of birth. The 11,000+ strays recorded for Cambridgeshire do not necessary fall into this pure format. There are various categories.

Stray Born in the County of Cambridgeshire with an event recorded outside of the County
Census Stray Born in the County of Cambridgeshire with an entry in the census 1841-1891 in another county.
Out of County Marriage A person resident within Cambridgeshire but married outside of the County
Emigrant Born in the County of Cambridgeshire with an event recorded in another country.
Transient A person moving from/to Cambridgeshire e.g Settlement Examination or Removal Order
Settlement Papers. The parishes were required to look after their own poor. This could become a burden. So when someone wanted to move into a parish and they appeared to be unable to support themselves - i.e. a single woman expecting a child - the parish tried to determine if that person could claim welfare from the parish. If not they were sent back to their own parish. There are at several forms for settlement papers. Examination papers, settlement certificates and removal papers.
  1. Settlement Certificates record the movement from a place, county to another place, county.
  2. Settlement Examination Papers detail the place a person was living, county and the place they would like to settle at.
  3. Removal Orders detail a place, county where a person had settled and the place, county to which they were being lawfully removed to.
Academic A person who by residence is associated with Cambridge University but not the County
Military A person serving with the Cambridgeshire Miltia or the Armed Forces relating to Cambridgeshire but not necessarily a resident of Cambridgeshire
Manorial Records and Wills Persons mentioned as witnesses, beneficiaries, bondsmen, etc. within Manorial Records, Wills, Inventories, etc. These persons may be resident within the County or external to it.
Other Ad hoc references to persons living or born in Cambridgeshire who are mentioned in various articles or documents

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