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Banburyshire Family History - Sharing and Remembering: Photo by Anne Williams

A site designed for you to share your family history with others from the Banbury area

Banburyshire Family History

Sharing Your Interests

"You will search in vain on maps for the name 'Banburyshire'.
It is, however, a real area of countryside, whose villages have long looked to Banbury as their market town centre.
Most of Banburyshire falls within North Oxfordshire but the regional identity extends to parts of neighbouring Warwickshire and Northamptonshire."

"Banburyshire in Old Photographs" by Melissa Barnett & Sarah Gosling ©1988   

This site is designed to let you share your family history interests with others .... Here are some of the ways you can share by contributing to this site:

Please note that I maintain this site because of my ancestral connection to the Banbury area, so it is unlikely that I can help with specific enquiries regarding your research.

~ We welcome your surname interests; your stories and memories; your family history; your book reviews; links you have found useful; photographs of your family, villages and memorials; old recipes you enjoyed; your family bibles - or anything else you may think of!

~ If you have anything you would like to share ~ just Rosemary, to discuss your ideas.

~ I am always happy to post Banburyshire information for anyone. Just contact me with whatever you have - large or small - and we'll sort out how best to add it to this website.

  • Your contribution is acknowledged on the relevant pages, with a contact email - unless you wish to remain anonymous
  • There is no cost involved other than your time
  • None of the material is sold to anyone in any form
  • Your personal details are not shared with anyone without your prior consent
  • If you have any other thoughts, please Rosemary with them
  • Please ~ change your details as you learn more, find more families and find more questions!
  • And keep your email address up-to-date

I am always happy to post Banburyshire family history related information, for anyone.

Just email me to discuss your ideas.

All contributors are acknowledged; no fees are charged and no profit is made from this

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This site is maintained by Rosemary, with help, information, articles, stories and photographs provided by members and friends of the Banbury Area Mailing List. Individuals are credited on the relevant pages.

One of the best ways to get information is to make yours available!