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Anne Williams

How it all began - 1876

History of the Mothers Union in Adderbury

"The beginning was in Old Alresford, Hampshire by the wife of the rector Mary Elizabeth SUMNER, she had married at the age of 18 years in 1848. She bore three children. While in the early days of motherhood Mary was stirred with the idea of linking mothers together. In a Union that would help with their responsibilities as new mothers. The first gathering took place at the vicarage and between thirty and forty ladies turned up for a mother's meeting. The aim of the meeting was of teaching and training their children, and to encourage them in the sanctity of marriage in later life. Mary became their president remaining so even after her ninetieth birthday, living long enough to witness the first conference of overseas workers in 1920. Mary passed away the following year on August 11th 1921."

early members of Adderbury Mothers' Union

Early members of Adderbury Mothers' Union

Contributed by Anne Williams
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