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Since writing my first article for the Banburyshire page, I have done a lot more successful research and now have a few hundred more cousins of whatever degree

My project to find out all I could about my Grandfather, Charles WRIGHTON's siblings, has been partially successful, sometimes spectacularly so. It has involved several international phone calls and physically visiting new connections in other countries.

Grandad's eldest sister Ellen married a London policeman, John COOMBES, and I have their children's names but have made no connection to her descendants.(see below)

Adelaide was the next sister and I have met, stayed with and continued correspondence with her Grandaughter, who will be visiting me in Canada next month.

Emily married Tom HARRIS and I have corresponded with her Grandson.

Herbert was the eldest son and like nearly all the WRIGHTON men, he worked for the GWR and met and married a Welsh girl, Mary JAMES, and they had one daughter.[1]

Harriet married Edwin ROLFE who was in the Army and I remember meeting my Mother's Uncle Edwin when I was a child and have connected to one of his descendants.

Charles my Grandfather, married Edith CLEMENTS and they had seven children my Mother being the eldest daughter.

Oliver who died aged nine.

Joseph married another Aynho girl Beatrice HUMPHRIS and they emigrated to Waukesha, Wisconsin with their five children and Gertrude Humphris STONE, the widowed sister of Beatrice. They were sponsored by the women's brother F. HUMPHRIS who had emigrated earlier. The five children all married and had children and I visited Waukesha last year and met several of them. My hostess was Juanita Wrighton SANDERS the only daughter of George WRIGHTON who was taken to Waukesha as a small child.

Alice died as a baby.

Frank married Amy Louise PARRITT, the Great Aunt of our Muriel Wells with whom I stayed when I visited New Zealand. Frank and Amy had several daughters and one son, John. I have met a Grandson of John, Ben, when I was in Northampton last year. John's eldest son Richard emigrated to Australia and his son Leigh was in UK for a year recently and he connected to Ben and brother Dan. I hope to visit Australia again next year and would love to meet Richard and his family.

Ada died as a baby.

Mabel married William WILKINSON but had no children. I have been given a copy of her will which gave me the names of many of her nieces and nephews which was a great help in identifying nieces by their married names.

Phillip married Ada BURROWS and they had three daughters, one of whom visited her WRIGHTON cousins in Wisconsin, USA several years ago.

George married another Welsh girl, Elizabeth THOMAS, and they had nine children at least two who died as babies. Their youngest son Phillip is still alive at over 90 and his son Nigel has been working with me on this project.

Golden Wedding celebration of George and Elizabeth Wrighton, 1952

Golden Wedding celebration of George and Elizabeth WRIGHTON, 1952

The tall white haired man at the back is Charles WRIGHTON, my Grandad, and the sitting lady in black is Grandma, Edith Clements WRIGHTON. On Charles' right is his brother Phillip; the dark haired girl in front is his niece Betty (Elizabeth) Wrighton HARTLEY and her Father George is on her left. His wife Elizabeth is sitting in front of him with Nigel on her lap.
On George's left is his sister Mabel. The dark haired man on the left of the picture in the front row is Phillip WRIGHTON, George's son and Nigel's Father.

David married Kate COX and had two sons, Norman and Basil. Both of David's sons married, but neither had any children. They both died in the early 2000s. If I had started this exercise earlier I might have been able to make contact with them, but there are always "too lates" in genealogy.

These are the fifteen children my Great Grandmother Julia BORTON, had in 25 years!

Ellen Julia WRIGHTON was married to John COOMBES who came from Gloucestershire to be a London policeman and met Ellen who was working in London, as was her younger sister Adelaide.

Ellen and John had Alice Maud, Percy, Sidney Herbert and Winifred. I am communicating with the Grand daughter of Alice Maud.

Further research has found that Herbert had five children by his first wife and four by his second, Laura GREEN.

Contributed by Barbara Adair
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