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Kings Sutton, Northamptonshire

William Ayriss about 1925

William Ayriss about 1925

This is a photo dated about 1925 of my grandfather standing at his cottage door in Kings Sutton.

The man with the accordion is my Grandfather William Ayriss. He was born in 1863 in Kings Sutton and died in 1930 in Kings Sutton, Northamptonshire

The lady is his daughter Olive Ayriss, born in 1909 in Kings Sutton and died in Coventry in 1962

The other man is William Ayriss - born in 1910 in Kings Sutton and died in Coventry in 1963.

My Grandfather had 7 children from his first marriage and 11 from his second. He also took on the illegitimate daughter of his second wife and the illegitimate son of his eldest daughter of his second marriage.

If anyone is interested in the Ayriss, Ayris, Aris name then please feel free to have a look at my website: Ayriss family website

Contributed by Dave Ayriss
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