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"Chains of Office"

Benjamin JACKSON
Benjamin JACKSON

Benjamin was born in Banbury circa 1820 son of Joseph JACKSON (b 1795) and Hannah TRINDER. Benjamin married Susanna DANCER in Headington, Oxon on 25th December 1842 and lived in St. Clements, St. Ebbe, St. Aldate and South Hinksey from 1840 - 1881. He was a tobacconist and Publican and in latter years a General Commission Agent.

During these year he had this photo taken of him in "chains of office" but I have been unable to ascertain what these chains are. I did email the 'Buffs' but did not get a reply. Benjamin was my Gtgrandfather x 3.

His son was William Benjamin 1852-1884 and he married Cicely Owen STRANGE. I would love to know something about the chains of office.

Contributed by Liz Beard
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