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Banburyshire Family History

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             Father    John FLOWERS
             Mother    Esther Ann LEATHERBARROW
             Born      16 April 1818 Banbury, Oxford, England
             Baptized  1818 St Mary C E Banbury
             Married   25 October 1845 Independent Chapel, 
                       Henry was 27, a bachelor residing 
                       in Banbury
             Died      11 January 1894
             Buried    Southam Road Cemetery, Banbury, Oxford


             Father    Edward LETHERBARROW
             Born      1828 Neithrop Oxford England
             Married   Ann was aged 19, a spinster, 
                       residing in Neithrop
             Died      3/1904 Banbury

  1  Emily Annie Flowers daur b. 4/8/1848 Banbury
              Baptized 1848 St MARY C E Banbury
  2  Clement Flowers son b. 2/20/1850 Banbury
              Baptized 1850 St Mary C E Banbury
              D 1922, Rochester New York
              buried River Side Cemetery, Rochester NY
  3  Bernard Flowers son b. 6/1852 Banbury
              Baptized St Mary C E Banbury 1852
  4  Henry Flowers son b. 5/3/1854 Banbury
              Baptized 1854 Christ Church C E Banbury
  5  Horace Edwin Flowers son b. 2/6/1856 Banbury
              Baptized 1856 Christ Church C E Banbury
  6  Edgar Harris Flowers son b. 8/5/1857 Banbury
              Baptized 1857 Banbury Christ Church C E Banbury
  7  Ada Louise daur b. 7/6/1859 Banbury
              Baptized 1859 Christ Church C E Banbury
  8  Laura Annie Flowers daur  b. 12/26/1860 Banbury
              Baptized 1860 Christ Church C E Banbury
  9  Amy Alexandra Flowers daur b. 2/13/1863 Banbury
              Baptized 1863 Christ Church C E Banbury
  10 Hubert Henry Flowers son b. 1/6/1866 Banbury
              Baptized 1866 St Mary C E Banbury

Contributed by Hubert Flowers
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