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Ron Jeavons

John Tennant born 1796 in Fulwell, Oxon married Ann Smith born 1794 in Long Compton at the church of St Peter & Paul, Long Compton on 12 April 1819. They were my 3 x Great Grandparents.

Their children were all born in Long Compton and are as follows:

  • Joseph Tennant born 1821
  • Elizabeth Tennant born 1824
  • Charles Tennant born 1825
  • William Tennant born 1827
  • John Tennant born 1828
  • Sarah Tennant (my GG Grandmother) born 1831
  • James Tennant born 1837
  • Joseph married Elizabeth Clifton at Brailes in 1842
  • Elizabeth married William Hughes in Long Compton on Christmas Day 1844
  • Charles married Elizabeth Rose at Whichford in December 1848
  • William married Leah Bishop in Long Compton in June 1852
  • John married Mary Ann Woolam in Whichford in March 1854
  • Sarah married Richard Coleman of nearby Little Compton on 12.11.1850 at the Independent Chapel, Long Compton
  • James married Ann Dyer at Barton on the Heath, Warwickshire in July 1862

Ann Tennant, my 3 x Great Grandmother was sadly murdered in Long Compton on 15 September 1875 by James Haywood (Heywood) who stabbed her to death with a pitchfork. He believed her to be the leader of a pack of 15 witches who lived in Long Compton and he said she had bewitched him all day as he had worked in the fields. She was walking home in the evening from the nearby bakers shop when she met James Haywood who was a neighbour of many years.

To read more about Ann Tennant go here: Witchcraft Murder in Long Compton, Warwickshire

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