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Transcript of Court Roll for the Manor of Adderbury

Adderbury - At Court Baron of our Noble Anne Countess of Rochester held 26 October 1686

“Bridgett Judd, wife of Thomas Judd junior for two arable lands with headland in English the hade pertaining to them. Being in the fields and liberties of Adderbury East, and one of the aforesaid pieces of land lying at the stonepitts abutting on a place called Calum the land of John Coxe on the east and land of William Aris on the West. The other piece of land lies in outlands, the land of John Akins on the West and the land of Henry Goodwyn on the East, which came into the hands of the lady of this Manor from the surrender of Mark Blencoe. To have and to hold the aforesaid premises with the appurtenances aforesaid to Bridgett Judd and her heirs and assigns in perpetuity according to the customs of the Manor aforesaid through pledges etc.”

Oxfordshire Records Office Reference M1/1/D21/1

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