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“I William Robinson of Adderbury East in the County of Oxon Wheelwright do commend unto the handes of the Warden and Fellows of New College Lords of the Manor of St Mary's in Adderbury aforesaid by the hands of Thomas Spencer and Thomas Judd customary tennents of this said Manor one messuage or tenement with the outhouse and backside with all appurtenances thereunto belonging the ground of Thomas Judd lying on the North side thereof and standing and being within the liberty of Adderbury aforesaid and now in the possession of the said William Robinson unto the use of Mary Robinson my wife for and during her natural life and after the decease of the said Mary unto the use of William Robinson my son and heirs for ever according to the custom of the said Manor provided always yet never the less upon this condition that the said William Robinson my son shall pay unto Hester Robinson his sister the sum of fifteen pounds of good and lawful money of England and shall pay to Daniel Robinson his brother the sum of five pounds of the like money above said at or within six months after the decease of the said Mary their mother provided yet never the less if I the said William Robinson do live and continue in perfect memory until the thirty day of November next ensuing the date hereof then this demand to be paid and not otherwise. In witness whereof to this presentment I have hereunto set my hand the day and year first above written. Witness hereunto”

Witness hereunto
John Blea
John Jakeman
Thomas Judd

Will W Robinson (his mark)
Christopher Samon
Richard James
John Jakeman

New College Oxford reference - NCA 3794

Contributed by David Judd
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