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Thomas Judd – 1717

Transcript of Court Roll for the Manor of Adderbury

The 3rd day of March 1717

The Rectory of
The Manor of Eadburby als
Adderbury in the County of

Robert Halkes and Alice his wife customary tenants of the said Manor the said Alice being first solely examined do surrender into the hands of the Lords of the said Manor by the hands of Thomas Judd - one other customary tenant of the said Manor and in the presence of John Blea and William Dalton two other customary tenants of the Manor aforesaid All that one of arable land with the appurtenances lying in the fields of Eadburby als Adderbury aforesaid within the said Manor and hereinafter particularly mentioned and expressed (that is to say) one land shooting upon the orchard of Thomas Bly ..... The land of William Gardner - East and of Anthony Burberow also one other land shooting upon Eastland Gaulk the land of Sir Edw'd Cobb Bar - East and John Adkins West to the use and behoofe of the said Robert Halkes and Alice his wife for and during the terme of their two male heirs and the life of the longer liver of them and from and after the decease of the survivor of them then to the use and behoofe of Alice Wadhams of Adderbury aforesaid spinster and of the heirs of her body lawfully begotten or to the begotten and for want of such issue then to the use and behoofe of the right heirs of the said Alice Halkes for ever In Witness whereof the said Robert Halkes and Alice his wife have hereunto sett their hands the day and year first above written

Surrendered in the presence of
John Blea
The mark of
William Dalton

Robert Halkes
Alice Halkes

3 March 1717
Alice wife of the above named Robert Halkes was then examined apart and confirmed to the passing of this surrender

  John Eddowes
Deputy Steward

New College, Oxford Reference NCA 3794

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