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from Banbury, Oxfordshire and Bermondsey, Surrey

Banbury Baptisms:

  • 21 July 1816 Elizabeth daughter of John and Elizabeth SHAW, Bridge St, Leatherdresser
  • 9 July 1817 Anne daughter of John and Elizabeth SHAW, Bridge St, Leather-dresser
  • 21 November 1819 Harriett daughter of John and Elizabeth SHAW, Bridge St, Skinner

I have not found anything further on Anne or any marriage for the girls parents.

Harriet married Henry John LONG on 04 September 1836 at Holy Trinity, Newington, Surrey and Elizabeth SHAW presumably her sister was a witness

Photograph of Woman and Boy

Photograph of Woman and Boy[1]

And my direct interest is because

Elizabeth SHAW married John LANKSHEAR (a Cooper) on 13 May 1838 at Trinity Church - St Mary Newington - Father of Groom John LANKSHEAR Wine Merchant - Father of Bride John SHAW Leather Dresser - Bride's address 29 Long Lane Bermondsey.

They had a large family and my grandfather Thomas Sylvester was born 1847 and in the 1851 census is living with his Aunt Harriet LONG which rather nicely proves I have the right SHAW's also as both Elizabeth and Harriet show as coming from Banbury in census. I have a picture which we've dated to 1859 which could be Thomas with either his mother or perhaps his aunt.

I do not know when the SHAW family moved to Bermondsey - leather dressing is an industry in Bermondsey so it could be that John SHAW took his family there but I have not found a clear death or burial for him or his wife Elizabeth.

Best I know on John's parents is:

From Banbury list March 2008 - There is a baptism on 27 April 1800 at Banbury of a John SHAW, son George & Mary, Boat-builder. But no marriages for any of them. This could be my John - a late baptism or perhaps he married very young as first known child was only 1816. I've looked for marriages for John to Elizabeth and his very likely father George to Mary but I am not getting anywhere.

A lot of help from the Banbury list and suggestions re other places to check some of which I've managed to do.

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Here is a link to some ideas on dating photographs

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