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Subject:   Mary Anne BETTS

Birth:          __ May 1818
Baptism:        17 May 1818  St. Mary's Church, Banbury  (daughter 
                             of William and Sarah, High Street, Baker)
Marriage:       22 Mar 1843  St. Mary's Church, Banbury  (spinster,Banbury, 
                             daughter of William, baker, to Walter Haines, 
                             bachelor, exciseman, Branston, N'hants, son of 
                             John, excise officer. Wit:  William Hartley 
                             and Elizabeth Betts)
Father:         William BETTS
Mother:         Sarah HARTLEY

Spouse:    Walter HAINES
Birth:          __ ___ 1817   Hertfordbury
Father:         John HAINES

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