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Post script ---- the Cathedral

One day, with my accompanying family members bent on errands and shopping in central Coventry, I took myself off to the environs of the cathedral. It was pleasant to renew acquaintanceship with the timeless, quiet area surrounding the old cathedral.

Although the burnt out interior had been cleared, to be a pleasant place for reflection, quite soon after the blitzes, I saw that it had had another make-over. But it still had an impressive dignity and calm.[1]

I was foiled in my attempt to photograph the ancient graves nearby as they were on a site being investigated archaeologically prior to some redevelopment --- and the area was securely fenced off --- also Trinity church spire was wrapped round by scaffolding.

The row of Georgian houses close to the cathedral

The row of Georgian houses close to the Cathedral

On the extreme right you can see a little of the new cathedral, and a few protrusions from the old one.

Foiled again! But there was a lovely "remembrance" shot of the beautiful Georgian terrace houses to be had, which restored my temper somewhat, and the old timbered cottage facades were still to be enjoyed.

I entered the new Cathedral with some expectancy, as I had quite a collection of published material which Auntie Florrie had sent to me. She had been one of the invited guests at the opening. So I was well acquainted with many of the features and furbishments of the new building.

Individually these were wonderful examples, but I was disappointed in the "whole". I had expected a gloriously light interior ---- and it wasn't! The tapestry, fine though it was and appropriate for a city involved in the textile trades since mediaeval times, would have been better replaced by a huge stained or etched glass window, in my opinion.

You see I had watched the building of this wondrous cathedral ------- peered through the builders hoardings and speculated on the outcome, for years.

I left for New Zealand, when we could see the exterior St. Michael statue and they were glazing the narrow windows.

Ah well, as Old Mont[2] would have said, "Us got over it", and I loved some of the side chapels, and the entrance etched glass door.

The Cathedral did possess dignity and atmosphere, but I wish that it had been a bit less gloomy.

A fine museum area below, was most interesting --- and rescue was at hand in the Refectory, where the refreshments, were good!

Many of you will disagree with me. But the above is my honest opinion. Please do visit it if passing through the city.

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Contributed by Muriel Wells
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