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Joseph James WILSON & Annie Sarah HIGGINS

Joseph Rosamond WILSON & Elizabeth BAYLIS

Married Dec 1871 Banbury
Joseph WILSON born abt 1849 Chipping Warden, Oxford
Elizabeth Baylis born abt 1853 Broughton, Oxford


Joseph James WILSON & Annie Sarah HIGGINS

Born: 21 July 1887 30a Carters Yard, George Street, St. Clements, Oxford


Annie Sarah HIGGINS age 27 spinster on 21 Feb 1915 Lic. Father Alfred HIGGINS basket maker address 30a George Street, Oxford
Joseph James WILSON age 34 Bachelor Solider at Aldershot. Father Joseph Rosimund WILSON labourer
Witnessess: Frederick James TIMMS and Emily Rose WILSON (sister)

Frederick George WILSON & Edith FRANKLIN

There is an interesting newspaper cutting about Fred "Okey" WILSON, printed in 1957.

He married Edith FRANKLIN in 1917, he was 26 & Edith was 24; they had three sons & one daughter.

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