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Bloxham Family Bible

Family Register


Ernest Alfred Richard BLOXHAM
Born at Gaydon Warwicks February 16th 1871
Died at Gaydon Warwicks 12 March 1951


Florena Louisa BRISKER
Born at Wellesbourne, Warwicks December 9th 1876
Died at Northend Oct 7th 1955

Married at Gaydon Warwicks July 13th 1896

Bloxham Family Bible


Mathilda Emma BLOXHAM
Born at Gaydon, Warwicks April 25th 1897
Died at Gaydon, Warwicks May 24th 1898

Ernest Alfred BLOXHAM
Born at Gaydon, Warwicks February 4th 1899
Married Ellen L ASTLEY
at Warwick RC Church
April 28th 1923
Died at Leamington Spa 26th Aug 1980

Miriam Elizabeth BLOXHAM
Born at Gaydon, Warwicks December 28th 1900
Married William COOPER
at Gaydon Mar 10th 1923
Died at Northend Feb 24rd 1965

Beatrice Evelyn BLOXHAM
Born at Gaydon, Warwicks Novemeber 26th 1902
at Registry Office Leamington Dec 23rd '26
Died at Lighthorne Dec 25 1969

Edith Irene BLOXHAM
Born at Gaydon, Warwicks September 30th 1904
Married George William HUMPHRIS
at Gaydon Dec 20th 1930
Died at Lighthorne 17th Aug 1980

Born at Gaydon, Warwicks Sep 27th '06
Married William T TEW
at Lillington Feb 28th 1931

Bloxham Family Bible


Henry Edwin BLOXHAM
Born at Gaydon, Warwicks Sept 15th 1913
Married Phyliss Marion TEECE
at Gaydon
Dec 2nd 1937

Brigid & Kiernan Leamington R.C. Church
Nov 23 1946

Thomas Eril BLOXHAM
Born at Gaydon, Warwicks Aug 12th 1916
Married Gladys E BEERE
at Leamington
Aug 15th 1939

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