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MENNELL Family Bible
Etherley                         Gayles
Mary Elizabeth Mennell           Thomas Mennell
Dide Tus April 5th 1864          Marred tow Mary Ann
Aged 2 years and 7 Mounths       Novbr 26th 1860

William Edward Mennell           Mary Elizabeth Mennell
Dide April 18th 1871             Born August 24 1861

                                 John Mennell
                                 Born March 29 1863

                                 Mary Elizabeth Mennell [Me-y- crossed out]
                                 Born Dec 21th 1865

                                 James Mennell
                                 Born October 2 1868

MENNELL Family Bible

William Edward Mennell
Born April 3th 1871
Jane Ann Mennell
Born June 15th 1872
Eurnest Mennell
Born Nov 10th 1875
Eva Alice Mennell
Born January 26th 1881

Contributed by Rosemary Probert
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