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Parish Church of St. Mary

Mary HONE, Adderbury, Oxfordshire


In memory of
Mary wife of
Charles HONE
who died Jan 14 1860
Aged 50 years
Three children
-- rest badly worn but includes James

Elizabeth HONE Memorial, Adderbury, Oxfordshire

Elizabeth HONE

In memory of
Second wife of
Who died Nov 27th 1863
Aged 30 years
Three [of the children of the] above
Mary died
May 1862(?) aged 4 months
Catherine died
Dec 11th 1862 aged 1 day
Joseph James died
Dec ? 1865 aged 3 w[eeks]

Elizabeth was the 2nd of Charles HONE's 3 wives.
His last wife was Ellen HINT mother of Kate Maria HONE

Charles was the pubkeeper at "The White Hart", Adderbury; his daughter Kate Maria continued after him to 1914.
Charles was Henry HONE's brother.

There is more information about the HONE family here.

Contributed by Kathleen O'Flaherty (née HONE)