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Church yards, cemeteries, grave stones, plaques, war memorials . . .
           Obituaries, death notices, funeral cards etc etc etc . . .

These are all extremely useful for family historians, and photographs in particular are worth a thousand words. So if you have any information or photos of any type of memorial, even one headstone, we would be glad to put it on this site. Someone round the other side of the world may treasure what you have!

All contributions are welcome and can be sent to me, Rosemary

  • War Memorials
  • If you have any photographs and transcriptions from war memorials, or you can add any further information about the ones we have, we would be pleased to put them online for others to see.

  • Family Remembrances
  • If you would like to add a name and details of a family member to the Remembrance Pages, please send me, Rosemary, the details. It is not restricted to families from the Banbury area.


Chacombe, Parish Church of St. Peter & St. Paul

  • ASTELL William John ASTELL, Sarah ASTELL, Ralph ASTELL, Edward ASTELL & George Hawtin ASTELL
  • BLOXHAM Temperance Mary BLOXHAM (JESSOP) & Catherine Ann BLOXHAM (Wife & daughter of Henry BLOXHAM)

Chipping Warden, Parish Church of St. Peter & St. Paul

Kings Sutton, Parish Church of St. Mary

Weedon Lois, Parish Church of Saints Peter and Mary


Adderbury, Parish Church of St. Mary

Banbury, Southam Road Cemetery

Banbury, Parish Church of St. Mary

Bloxham, Parish Church of St. Mary

  • War Memorial
  • The War Memorial : Dedication (1)
  • The War Memorial : Dedication (2)
  • First World War Memorial : Harry AYRES, Alfred Thomas BARTLETT, Alfred Edward BAUGHAN, Ernest Charles CALLOW, Edward Ellis CARTER, Frank CARTER, Leslie Noah CLIFTON, Alfred George COLEMAN, Victor CUMMINGHAM, Walter DICKENSON, Walter DICKENSON, William Henry G. ENOCK, Ernest GOLBY, Wilfrid Clarence GOLBY, Ernest Hubert HAVILL {HAVELL], Reginald Charles HARTALL, Spencer Albert HAWTIN, Arthur HEATH
  • First World War Memorial : E. S. HOPKINSON, [Evelyn Somerset HOPKINSON], Charles Henry HORLEY, Frederick HORLEY, G. JACOB, Frank MANNING, Charles R MOBLEY, Norman Wilfred MOBLEY, Frank ROGERS, William George RUSSELL, Francis William SIMPSON, Gilbert Nathaniel SUTTON, John Henry Holbeche SUTTON, Alec Leslie TYRRELL, Edmund WISE, Albert WOODWARD, George William WOODWARD
  • Second World War Memorial : Ronald William BRIDGES, John Capel BUTLER, George Scott DARBY, Robert George Douglas DARBY, Michael FAULKNER, Horace George PREEDY, Charles Victor SMITH, William Alfred WIGGINS, Harold George YOUNG

Bodicote, Parish Church of St. John the Baptist

Claydon, Parish Church of St. James the Great

Cropredy, Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin

Deddington, Parish Church of Sts. Peter & Paul

Duns Tew, Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene

Enstone, Parish Church of St. Kenelm

Great Bourton, Parish Church of All Saints

Great Tew, Parish Church of St. Mary

Milcombe, Parish Church of St. Laurence

North Aston, Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin


Swerford, Parish Church of St. Mary

Wardington, Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene

Wigginton, Parish Church of St. Giles

Wroxton, Parish Church of All Saints


Pillerton Hersey