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Frank Gibbs

Diwhali, India, December 1916

Saviour in Thy precious keeping,
We leave our dear Jack safely sleeping.
You will link the broken chains
When we meet again.

His King and country called him,
The call was not in vain,
On Britain's Roll of Honour,
You will find my brother's name.

We never knew the pain he bore
We never saw him die,
We only know he passed away,
And never said goodbye.

But now dear Jack your pain is o'er,
In the Ocean's bosom you lie at rest,
But aching hearts you left behind,
No one but God knows best.

The silent grief that's in my heart,
No human eye can trace,
For many a broken heart is hid,
behind a smiling face.

Sleep on dear brother in a far off grave,
That we will never see,
But as long as life's memories last,
We will remember thee.

Our thoughts often wander to a far off ocean grave,
Your name is often spoken in a home you died to save,
For our hearts are all united with the same fond love for you,
And loving thoughts are cherished for one so brave and true.

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Contributed by Dorothy Gibbs
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