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d. 1917

He was my husbands great grandfather and was in the merchant marine before and during WW1. His ship was the SS Bandon and the ship was torpedoed off the south coast of Ireland, 13 Apr 1917. Twenty-eight members of the crew lost their lives, of whom 19 left widows with 49 children.

Those who lost their lives were the following: -

Edward Ferne, chief officer
M. J. O'Brien, second officer
R. Mercer, first engineer
M. Dowling, second engineer
Charles Bird, A.B.
Patrick O'Keeffe, Fireman
Richard O'Keeffe, Fireman
Bartholmew Collins, Fireman
Jeremiah Long, Fireman
Charles E. Martin, Fireman
John Courtenay, Quarter master (his body was picked up warm by another M.L. Artificial respiration was tried, but it proved useless, as he was quite dead. His body was landed in Dungarvan and brought to Cork with the survivors on the next day)
Caleb Crone, cook
John O'Callaghan, Fireman
John Wafer, A.B.
Simon Louro, Quartermaster
Jeremiah Leahy, Greaser
George O'Mahony, Greaser
Joseph Geo. Thompson, A.B.
Jeremiah McCarthy, A.B.
John O'Sullivan, A.B.
Charles McCashin, Steward
Wrixan and Sullivan, cattlemen
Two gunners
Walsh, Fireman
And the donkeyman.

Remembered by Mo Scanlan