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I have been thinking today of my Uncle Jack (my Dad's brother) who died in the first world war.

John William GIBBS (Jack) was baptised at Broughton on 7 Jun 1891. He was a shepherd when he joined up with the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry. The war must have been particularly gruesome for one with such a gentle job.

He died of dysentery on 20 Jun 1916 on board ship and was buried at sea. I believe he was being shipped home at the time and the story goes that his ship passed that of the one my father was on as he went to India.

He is remembered on the War memorial at Tadmarton and on the Commonwealth graves memorial at Basra.

The news must have reached my Father, Frank GIBBS (also in the Oxon and Bucks) some time later and the following is a poem that he wrote about his brother.

Please remember that this is written by a chap who left school at thirteen and who was only 17 when he wrote it.

"In Ever Loving Memory of my Dear Brother Jack"

Remembered by Dorothy Gibbs
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