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Southam Road Cemetery

STRANGE Memorial, Southam Road Cemetery, Banbury, Oxfordshire

William STRANGE, Thomas STRANGE,
William STRANGE and Alfred STRANGE

Memory of
who died Feby 7th 1864
Aged 33 years
Also of three sons of
William & Ann STRANGE
Died Aug 14th 1862 aged 8 months
Died Dec 25th 1862 aged 2 years & ?? months
Died May 29th 1864 aged 1 year

Parish Register:
St. Mary's Parish Church, Banbury

Thomas STRANGE buried 17 Aug 1862 age 8 months, Market Place
William STRANGE buried 28 Dec 1862 age 2 years, Market Place
William STRANGE buried 13 Feb 1864 age 33 years, Market Place
Alfred STRANGE buried 3 Jun 1864 age 1 year, Market Place

From Oxfordshire Family Historical Society

(Heather Olsen)

William STRANGE was baptised 3 Sept 1830 in Banbury, the son of Thomas and Ann (FAIRBROTHER) STRANGE

Contributed by Angela Allen