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Rhoda Woodward


As I walk down our village street,
No friendly faces do I meet,
No-one to say in a country way,
Hello my gal how be you today?,

As a car sped by someone waved,
But my mind had gone back to other days,
When the old man sat on the Chapel wall,
Waiting for someone to drop by and talk.

Of women chatting at pump or well,
Each one with a tale to tell.

Walking to school in groups or pairs,
Fagcards to swap, secrets to share,
Spending a halfpenny in Hannah's shop,
Five sweets or toffees, a lollipop.

Running the last few yards to the gate,
School bells ringing dare not be late.
No shops open or work on Sundays,
All of that could wait till Monday.

Cold bleak days when the weather was bad,
Times were hard for Mam and Dad.
Things are better now, I do not doubt,
I do not doubt, but I wish there were more people about.

Written by Rhoda Woodward