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Ian Huckin

This one is included in my poetry book. It was recounted to me by a girl so it would not be forgotten:

Queenie Queenie Who's got the ball?
Is she fat or is she tall?
Is she thin like a rolling pin?
Queenie Queenie Who's got the ball?

Obviously a regional variation of the one that Joe remembers. Same game, different name.

Farmer, Farmer sounds similar to British Bulldog. (Probably not very PC these days, as it is classed as a racist comment.) We played it in the Scouts. A group had to run from side to side and when one person had been caught and lifted, he joined the catcher, helping to catch until only one was left.

Then there was 'Jacks'. 5 bits of metal (or pebbles) and a little rubber or wooden ball. Bounce the ball and try to pick up as many of the jacks as you could and catch the ball.

Tiddlywinks. Flip as many as you can into the pot.

Hopscotch. Hop on a single and spread on a double. Pick the flat stone up on the way back. Used to go up to 14. Drawn with chalk on the footpath or playground.

Tobboganing and soapcarts. Seasonal variations.

With all these activities, plus climbing trees, riding bikes and kiss-chase (don't ask!), who needed computer games or Telly?

Written by Ian Huckin