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Ian Ralph Huckin

Relationships forged in our younger days
The years and miles cannot erase.
True friendship will always be there
Deep in your heart you love and care.

Our love then was pure and true
No impure thoughts to cloud our view.
We may lose contact with our friends
But that's not where our friendship ends.

We leave our school with many ideas
Of what we'll do in the coming years.
We've things to do, Battles to fight
Lives to lead and wrongs to right.
Then all of a sudden reality dawns
In this Chess game called life we are just pawns.

We think again of those we admire
The heart is yearning to rekindle the fire.

Your hand will shake as you reach for the phone
But the happiness you feel when you find them home,
Gives you such a tremendous joy
You think again you're a girl or a boy.

When you finally get together,
You want the occasion to last forever.
The emotions and love in the air on that night,
Will feel so intense, yet feel so right.

So many people, so few hours.
Oh for the gift of magical powers
to stop the clock from ticking on,
But in no time at all the evenings gone.

You'll conjure up memories again and again
Not only the pleasure but also the pain
of saying goodbye to the ones you hold dear,
and vow to do it again one year.

We will all be together again.
We know that for certain the question is when?

That call will come, your heart will flutter,
Your mouth will go dry, you'll start to mutter,
Visions will start to enter your head
Because as I have already said,
Relationships forged in our younger days
The years and miles cannot erase.

Written by Ian Ralph Huckin