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Vic Taylor

I was a RAF National Service airman 1955-57 & remember the silliness of the military haircut - I am sure the drill corporals were on a commission from the barber - we had to pay for our haircuts - a shilling a time I think it was out of a week's pay of 28 shillings. One day I had to get my haircut twice & again the next day.

In civvy street the trendy teddy boys went for the 'Tony Curtis' with a forelock hanging over the forehead or a DA where the hair was carefully wrapped around the skull to form a shape at the back like the rear end of a duck. This provided great pleasure to drill corporals as they saw the hair disappear to be replaced by a shorn military hair style.

There was an embarrassing moment when a corporal said to a lad with a fine crop of ginger hair "we'll soon get rid of that laddie" & poked the hair with his stick at which the hair parted company with the head - it was a wig - the unfortunate recruit had alopecia.

I am now quite trendy with my skin head style & I don't have to go the barbers much more than a couple of times a year.

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Written by Vic Taylor