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There are many abbreviations used in family history. Below is simply a selection of the most common ones. There are many others, particularly in connection with transcripts of censuses but most of these have been omitted here.

UK county codes Chapman codes and a map of the historical counties of the UK
[--?--] Unknown: usually used for surnames
= Married or marriage
abt about
admon. Administration Act (will)
aff. Affidavit
ag. lab.Agricultural labourer
appr Apprentice
b. Born
b. Bachelor
bach. Bachelor
bapt. Baptised
BD Administration Bond
bord Boarder (census)
botp Both of this parish (parish registers)
BTs Bishop's Transcripts
bur. Buried
BVRI British Vital Records Index 1998 (Mormons)
BVRI v2 British Vital Records Index 2002 - Version 2 (Mormons)
c circa - about
c. Christened or Baptised
c.q. Correct quote (sic = as written)
cert. Certificate
cem. Cemetery
cod Codicil
d. Died
d. Daughter of
d/o Daughter of
exor. Executor
extrix. Executrix
f. folio (census)
fa of full age
FHL Family History Library (Mormons)
FHS Family History Society
FS FamilySearch On Line (IGI)
FFHS Federation of Family History Societies
F/B Female birth (IGI)
F/C Female christening (IGI)
FS Female servant (census)
FreeBMD Free Births, Marriages and Deaths (online database at RootsWeb)
Gedcom GEnealogical Data COMmunications
gen lab General labourer
gent. Gentleman
GRO General Register Office (Births, Marriages and Deaths)
H Head of household (census)
husb. Husbandman
I Inventory
illeg Illegitimate
inft Infant
IGI International Genealogical Index
lab. labourer
LDS Latter Day Saints (Mormons)
lic. Marriage by license
m. Married or marriage
marr Married
M/B Male Birth (IGI)
M/C Male christening (IGI)
MS Male servant (census)
MSS Manuscript
mem. Memorial
MI Monumental inscriptions (Mon Insc)
ni. No issue
NK Not known
NTH Northamptonshire
occ. Occupation
OPR Old Parochial Registers (Scotland)
otp of this parish
OXF Oxfordshire
PCC Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Pec. Peculiars
PR Parish Register
PRO Public Records Office
RD Registration District
RO Records Office
SCH St. Catherine's House (now GRO)
serv Servant
S Single (Census)
sic As in the original; thus so
s/o Son of
s. Son of
sp. Spinster
sp. Spouse
UNK Unknown
unm Unmarried
vr Visitor (census)
w. widow or widower
WAR Warwickshire
wid. Widow or widower
wit. Witness
x Signed by making a mark
yeo. Yeoman

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