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Banburyshire Family History - Sharing and Remembering: Photo by Anne Williams

A site designed for you to share your family history with others from the Banbury area

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General Information

  • Submissions

    Sharing Your Interests : There are a number of ways you can share your interests in family history and contribute to this site. I've written a set of guidelines to give you some ideas, but contact me if you have any queries or other ideas.
  • Links and Resources

    A selection of useful links for researching family history, particularly relevant for the Banbury area.
  • Church Dedications

    of parishes within approximately 15 miles of Banbury

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Banbury Area Mailing List

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This site is maintained by Rosemary , with help, information, articles, stories and photographs provided by members and friends of the Banbury Area Mailing List. Individuals are credited on the relevant pages.

I am always happy to post Banburyshire family history related information, for anyone. Just email me to discuss your ideas.

All contributors are acknowledged; no fees are charged and no profit is made from this

One of the best ways to get information is to make yours available.