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Additional Notes and Queries

ANDREWS Phoebe/Phoeby ANDREWS, born 1803, in Kingham, married Thomas Samuel BUTLER in Kingham in 1827. They lived in Wardington. Who were her parents?
Submitter: Brenda Anderson
E-Mail: curiouskiwi(@)
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ASTELL Upper Boddington & Radway OXF (& WAR) late C18 & C19
Submitter: David Warner
E-Mail: dmwarner1(@)
Berkshire UK
CAKEBREAD I am descended from Robert Cakebread 1776 (Bloxham) and Elizabeth Walker. I have details of numerous Cakebread marriages and burials but few baptisms pre 1800 so what happened in Bloxham? Are the baptism records lacking or did the Cakebreads just opt out ? My ancestors moved to Coventry in 1839 and I have good details of the family "twigs" after that date. I have a web-site which is gradually being extended to try to link various Cakebread families in the Midlands areas plus a connection to many California Cakebreads.
Submitter: Dennis Cakebread
E-Mail: den(@)
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CALCOTT / CALCOT Richard CALCOTT(T) (d 1772) of 'Bunting's House, Steane [Park]' NTH. Bur. Hinton-in-the-Hedges, NTH
m 1771 Hinton-in-the-Hedges (Steane Chapel) Elizabeth WATSON of Kings Sutton NTH. Father of Mary (1771-1829) wife of Ralph CHURTON.
Submitter: Martin Willis
E-Mail: mwilli17(@)
CHURTON Rev Ralph CHURTON MA Oxon (Brasenose) (1754-1831) - b Malpas? CHS - Rector of Middleton Cheney 1792-1831, Archdeacon of St Davids 1805-1831, Biographer, Scholar & Divine. Extensive descendant family of clerics & scholars.
Submitter: Martin Willis
E-Mail: mwilli17(@)
CLARK James Clark b. 1781 son of George who m. Honora Neville at St Mary The Virgin Church, Culworth Northampshire
Submitter: Lyn Stone
E-Mail: ljoystone(@)
COLLINS Jacob COLLINS b. Bloxham Oxon 1870; in 1901 was a busman in Rugby, Warks
Emily COLLINS b. Bloxham Oxon 1874, married Richard Henry Austin BLOXHAM 1898
Submitter: Anne Williams
E-Mail: anne-mc(@)
COY COY, William : 1765 - 1814 Weston NTH - Great Bourton, OXF
COY, Isaac : 1794 - 1874 Weston, NTH - Great Bourton, OXF
Submitter: Chuck White
E-Mail: cwmwhite(@)
DRAKEFORD Connected by marriage & canal to NEAL & LING
Submitter: David Warner
E-Mail: dmwarner1(@)
FENIMORE & CROOK Mary CROOK (b 1650) married Richard FENIMORE on 4 December 1672 at the Banbury Monthly Meeting (Quakers). He was from Tingewick, Bucks. Mary was from Addebury. I would like to know anything about her parents, if possible. I have a lot of information on the Fenymore/Fenimores, but not much on the women they married! I am an American living in the UK now, and would love to be able to take my children on a "biological historical" tour of the country. Richard and Mary left England probably in 1677, as all three of their sons are listed as having been born in Tingewick.
Any help would be appreciated.
Submitter: Emily Hession
E-Mail: peedal(@)
FLOWERS Searching for the marriage of Henry FLOWERS (from Banbury) and Ann (from Neithrop) about 1850
Submitter: Hubert Flowers
E-Mail: flt1469(@)
FRANKLIN Richard FRANKLIN was born about 1766 but I do not know where. Possibly Greatworth. He died of Consumption age 36 (PR's)
Burial is on original register, 1801 21-March, Richard Franklin 36
Richard FRANKLIN married Mary STANLEY on 11 Oct 1791
Hannah bap 18 Aug 1792
Richard bap 8 Jun 1794
Robert bap 25 Jul 1797
Submitter: Brenda Franklin
E-Mail: bfranklin(@)
GEE Samuel GEE (1742-1796) yeoman farmer of Marston St Lawrence, later Steane NTH. Married twice: 1771 at MStL Elizabeth BATEMAN & 1774 at Hinton-in-the-Hedges (Steane Chapel) Elizabeth CALCOTT (nee WATSON) / 11 children, 4 died young.
Edward GEE (1789-1825) bapt at Hinton-in-the-Hedges, son of above Samuel. Later Banbury? then c.1820 Draper/Haberdasher, Finsbury, London. Left 4 dau. orphaned, raised by Rev Ralph CHURTON at All Saints Rectory, Marston St Lawrence.
Samuel GEE (c.1720-1775) grazier of Marston St Lawrence, possibly father of above Samuel / m 1742 Elizabeth TAYLOR at MStL / 4 children?
Submitter: Martin Willis
E-Mail: mwilli17(@)
GRANT GRANT from Hanwell 1590+ and Middleton Chaney from 1779 when William GRANT married Sarah HIRONS. Their children are Mary b 1790, Ann b 1793, John b 1796, William b 1799, Anthony b 1802 George, b 1805, Thomas b 1808 and Joseph b 1811 all born in Middleton Cheney, Northamptionshire. I do have quiet a large number of other GRANTs from around the area. I do also have a lot of descendants from these people. Willing to share.
Submitter: Marjorie Grant
E-Mail: grantm(@)
HOLTOM WALTON Epwell is the location of my WALTON and HOLTOM ancestors.

Joseph WALTON and Elizabeth baptised 11 children there between 1756 and 1778. One of their daughters was Elizabeth junior baptised in 1766. Joseph and his wife were both buried at Epwell, Joseph in 1800 and Elizabeth in 1779.

Joseph HOLTOM married Elizabeth WALTON junior at Epwell in 1787. They baptised 6 children there between 1788 and 1803. One of those children was Thomas baptised in 1791. Joseph HOLTOM died in 1822 and Elizabeth in 1847, aged 80.

Thomas HOLTOM married Hannah BEAL at Alderminster in 1812 and 6 of their 8 children were baptised at Epwell, the other two were baptised at Tysoe. One of those two was Eliza baptised at Tysoe in 1815. Thomas and Hannah HOLTOM were in the Epwell censuses of 1841, 1851 and 1861. Thomas was buried in 1861 just 2 weeks after the census. Hannah lived on till 1870 and died at the age of 79.

Eliza HOLTOM married Richard LAMBERT at Potterspury in 1832. All but one of their 7 children were baptised at Yardley Gobion.

. . . . . and so all my known direct descendants of Banburyshire ancestors had then left the area.
Submitter: Stan Turner
E-Mail: stan.turner1(@)
HUCKIN Am researching the HUCKIN family, offshoots ADKINS, ARTHUR, BLACKWELL, HERBERT all of Enstone (yes I've met Ian HUCKIN we are cousins!)
Submitter: Pat LIGON
E-Mail: patwhois(@)
JUDD I am the JUDD(E) historian. My own family can be traced with certainty to Adderbury, Banbury and Horley, seventeenth century, with links to the Warmington family and beyond to Birmingham circa 1450.
Submitter: David Judd
E-Mail: david.judd3(@)
JUDD family history
LING Banbury OXF (& NTH) late C18 & C19. Also on Oxford & Coventry Canal.
I'm am earnestly seeking info on Samuel LING, (b 1858), a career soldier (reg unknown).
Any tips would be welcome.
LING is also connected by marriage & the Oxford & Coventry Canal to NEAL & DRAKEFORD
Submitter: David Warner
E-Mail: dmwarner1(@)
MAYCOCK & variants I would like to make contact with the family of Joseph Maycock who remained in Banbury during the 1820's.
Anyone with information about any of the Maycocks of Banbury or specifically about Joseph Maycock and his descendants please contact Dolores at mdjdlm(@)
Submitter: Dolores Maycock-Jones
E-Mail: mdjdlm(@)
MOBLEY Elizabeth MOBLEY of Kings Sutton NTH married Thomas WELLER in 1834 at St Peter & St Paul, Kings Sutton. She bore Thomas eleven children - all, bar the first born in Kings Sutton, were born in Banbury - of these, five are known to have had offspring - some descendants may still be living in Banbury - other's in Birmingham.
At present, nothing more is known of Elizabeth's parents: Thomas MOBLEY and Elizabeth MUMFORD before or after their marriage in 1808 (also at St Peter " St Paul, Kings Sutton).
Submitter: Peter Cook
E-Mail: cookfmly(@)
MOORE Lillian MOYSES B1900 married Sydney MOORE having 2 girls and 1 boy living in Banbury during WW2.
Lillian was my aunt and Sydney either owned, or managed a Banbury Cinema. They arranged for my Mother and I to be evacuated from London to the Aynho Arms (which was adjacent to the Oxford canal and 2 railway stations) during the war.
I would like to contact any descendents of Lillian and Sydney MOORE and know that my cousin Joyce MOORE and her husband David CROSS have since passed over.

Submitter: Barry
E-Mail: leesonyoo(@)
NEAL Banbury OXF (& NTH) late C18 & C19. Also on Oxford & Coventry Canal

NEAL is also connected by marriage & the Oxford & Coventry Canal to LING & DRAKEFORD
Submitter: David Warner
E-Mail: dmwarner1(@)
NICHOLLS My family came from Wootton near Woodstock Oxfordshire and I have traced them back to:
Thomas NICHOLLS who married Anne BECK in Hook Norton Oxfordshire April 19th 1789
One of their sons
James NICHOLLS married Ann JORDAN September 24th 1815 in Wootton Oxfordshire
One of their sons
Harry NICHOLLS married Ellen POULTON in Wootton Oxfordshire and later moved most of the family to Aynho Northamptonshire

I would like to contact anyone researching this line of the NICHOLLS family and in particular am searching for Information on the NICHOLLS family from Hook Norton.
Submitter: Christine Hartwell
E-Mail: chris_hartwell2000(@)
OWEN Joseph OWEN married in Chacombe in Northamptonshire in 1820. One of the witnesses at his marriage was Benjamin OWEN - must have been a relative. At the time he said he was from Buckingham. But in the 1841 census he claimed to have been born in the county of Northamptonshire. He was buried in Chacombe in 1845 aged 54, so that makes his birth around 1791, but he wasn't baptised there. Where did he come from?
Submitter: Rosemary Probert
E-Mail: rosemary(@)
Home Web Site - OWEN family
SABIN TURPIN Chacombe is the location of my SABIN ancestors.

The earliest are Gabriell SABINE and his wife Margaret who had 8 children between 1589 and 1609, amongst them was Gabriell junior baptised there in 1606. The 1654 will of their son John revealed that their daughter Anne had married an ARIS and their daughter Elizabeth had married a HEFFORD. Banbury Wills & Inventories 1591-1620 includes the 1605/6 will of David MAYOWE of Grimsbury which listed £2 in the hands of Gabriell SABYNE of Chacombe.
After the death of his first wife Hester, Gabriell SABIN junior, a husbandman, married Elizabeth TURPIN at Chacombe in 1640. The will of his brother Richard in 1633 mention their joint ownership of a cow at Williamscot. I have found only one child of Gabriell junior and Elizabeth. (Wardington which includes Willamscot is mentioned in the VCH, Banbury Hundred, page 219 as the home of a "deep-rooted farming family" who can be traced back to a Thomas SABIN of Coton, aged 60 in 1530. - a very interesting statement!!!!!)
That only child was John SABIN, baptised at Chacombe in 1641 and buried at Bradden in 1705. He had married an Anne and all their 8 children were baptised between 1668 and 1685 at Bradden. My SABINs had therefore left Banburyshire.
Submitter: Stan Turner
E-Mail: stan.turner1(@)

WILLIAM SPENCER born approx 1790 in Fulham, London married ELIZABETH MILLER, born 1794 at Sandford St Martin in 1815 at Sandford.
They had 4 children born in Deddington, SAMUEL 1816, MARY 1817, ELIZABETH 1820 and RICHARD 1822.
They moved to Great Tew and had EDWARD 1824, ELIZA 1827, MATHILDA 1829, EMMA 1833, ADELAIDE RUTH 1835, WILLIAM 1837 and ELLEN 1840.
William and Elizabeth were licensees of the FALKLAND ARMS in Great Tew from at least 1841 and it remained in the family until at least 1891 when the licensee was Elizabeth Spencer, wife of Edward and the daughter in law of William.

SAMUEL SPENCER born 1816 was a gardener and married ANN HILLMAN at Sarsden Parish Church in 1843 and after living in Sarsden, Ledwell and Great Tew, eventually settled in Chipping Norton.

Spencer Graves at Great Tew:
Edward SPENCER and his wife, Elizabeth; and William SPENCER and his wife, Elizabeth

Submitter: Ron & Diane Jeavons
E-Mail: rjdl22859(@)
SUTTON Daniel SUTTON b. 1823 in Cheshire, was the son of Squire SUTTON & Hannah BUSWELL. He ran the Hare & Hounds Inn in Wardington, which may have been run by his father-in-law Thomas BUTLER previously.
Submitter: Brenda Anderson
E-Mail: curiouskiwi(@)
Home Web Site
Submitter: Stan Turner
E-Mail: stan.turner1(@)
Submitter: Stan Turner
E-Mail: stan.turner1(@)
WELLER William WELLER married twice at St Mary's in Banbury, firstly Elizabeth PAGE in 1790 - the one child from this union, Richard, died unmarried in Banbury Union Workhouse (Neithrop) in 1840, three months after his father's death.
The second marriage to Elizabeth JONES in 1800 produced two children - Mary and Thomas - Mary married John GRIMES but they had no surviving children - my wife is descended from the union of Thomas WELLER & Elizabeth MOBLEY (see MOBLEY above). There are these earlier WELLER marriages in Banbury: Sarah WELLER to Samuel SLATTER in 1779 and Ann WELLER to John SMITH in 1780; otherwise we have found no earlier record for this WELLER family Submitter: Peter Cook
E-Mail: cookfmly(@)
WOOD(S) WOOD: 18/4/1744(5) Charlton-upon-Upton, OXF marriage to
HUGGIN born abt 1707 Forest Hill, OXF

WOOD: 1746-1757 Charlton-on-Utmoor, OXF
WOOD(S): 1777- 1821 Steeple Aston, OXF married to
GREEN 1755-1777 Deddington, OXF

WOODS: 1777 Steeple Aston, OXF married to
POWELL 1791-1818 Glendon, NTH

WOODS: 1818-1822 Broughton, OXF
WOODS: 1822-1829 North Newington, OXF
WOODS: 1847-1900 Northampton NTH
WOODS: 1848- Daventry NTH

first appearance of George Wood was his marriage 18/4/1744 or 45, at Charlton-on-Upton, OXF to an Elizabeth HUGGINS (b. 1707 Forest Hill, OXF).

Their known children, were all born in Charlton-on-Utmoor: George (b. 1746), Richard (b. 1752, married Hester Green 1777 Steeple Aston), and two Elizabeths (b. 1756 & 1757).

Is anything known about George Wood snr., or his wife Elizabeth Huggins?

Submitter: Chris Woods
Email: c.woods45 (@)
WYATT WYATT Kings Sutton. Edward b. 1792 left there as a Widr and married in 1829 Hannah HARRIS b. 1810, Hook Norton. Settle in Sandford St Martin. These are 2X GG parents. Any further information would be most welcome.
Submitter: Arthur COLES
E-Mail: arthur (@)