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from North Aston, Oxfordshire

John Vickris TAYLOR

In Most Loving Memory of
Sybil May TAYLOR
For 44 years the beloved wife of
Capt J.V.TAYLOR of this parish
Born 19th Feb 1874 married 19th Sept 1905
Died 20th Jan 1950
Of such is the kingdom of heaven
Also of Capt John Vickris TAYLOR
The Welch Regt and Welsh Guards
Eldest son of Major R.K. TAYLOR of
Grovelands Southgate Middx Born 27 July 1872
For 41 years Squire of this parish
Died at Dunmore Tarbert Argyll 3 Oct 1956
Buried at Powderham Devon

Robert Vickris TAYLOR

Robert Vickris TAYLOR
Major 16th-5th Lancers
Elder son of
Captian John Vickris TAYLOR
Of North Aston
And beloved husband of
Killed in action in Tunisia 19th Feb 1943
If I should die, think only this of me,
that there's
some corner of a foreign field that is
for ever England


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