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24th July 1899


This Indenture made the Twenty Fourth day of July 1899. Between Sydney EVERSHED, of Burton-Upon_Trent in the county of Stafford, Brewer and Maltster, Member of Parliament of the one part and Sydney EVERSHED Limited whose registered office is situate at Bank Square, Burton-Upon-Trent aforesaid ( hereinafter called "the company") of the other part Whereas the said Sydney EVERSHED is seised of the hereditaments hereby assured for an estate in fee simple in possession free from incumbrances  And whereas  the said Sydney EVERSHED has agreed to sell to the company all the property belonging to him in connection with the business of Brewer and Maltster heretofore carried on by him at Burton-Upon-Trent aforesaid including the hereditaments hereby assured (subject to the company undertaking the liabilities of the said Sydney EVERSHED in connection with his said business) at the price of One Hundred and Ninety Thousand Pounds to be satisfied to the sum of forty Thousand Pounds in cash and as to the residue by the issue to him or his nominee's of shares in the company credited as fully paid And Whereas for the purposes of the Act of Parliament imposing an Ad Valorem duty upon conveyances on sales it as been agreed that the sum of One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty Pounds part of the said consideration shall be taken as the price of the hereditaments hereby assured And Whereas the whole of the said purchase money has previously to the execution of these presents been duly paid or satisfied by the company (as the said Sydney EVERSHED hereby acknowledges)   Now this indenture witnesseth that in pursuance of the said agreement and in consideration  of the premises the said Sydney EVERSHED as beneficial owner hereby conveys unto the company All those the hereditaments and premises described in the schedule hereunto written  To hold the same unto and to the use of the company in fee simple  In witness wehreof the said Sydney EVERSHED has hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first before written.

Signed Sealed and Delivered by the said Sydney EVERSHED in the presence of ?? Solicitor Burton on Trent  Sydney Evershed


The Schedule before referred to

All that Messuages Dwellinghouses or Tenements situate in Rosliston in the county of Derby fronting the main road there used as a public house and known by the name or sign of "The Plough INN" with the outbuildings yard Garden paddock and appurtenances thereof adjoining and belonging All which premises are now in the occupation of J          HEBB and are now particularly delineated and described in the Map or Plan drawn in the margin of an indenture dated the Twenty Fifth day of March One Thousand eight hundred and ninety seven and made between Sir Robert Gresley Baronet of the one part and the said Sydney EVERSHED of the other part and are thereon coloured Pink and Blue


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