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The Cornish Extended Family is an informal group of people of Cornish ancestry, most, but not all are interested in genealogy.This Cornish Extended Family website provides a way for Cornish wherever they may be to keep in touch with each other, their heritage, culture, customs. It allows people that are not interested, or unable to have a website to have a page that includes contact information a photo, interests & a short biography so that through the wonder of modern technology we can make our Cornish Extended Family a closer more unified one. For those that have a website it provides a free link to their site, reciprocal links are very much appreciated.

Who may join? Anyone who is of Cornish ancestry, and has an interest in Cornwall, the Cornish culture, or genealogy in any form. It doesn't even have to be someone on the Internet, as the page for an individual could just as easily list a postal address as a means of contact. I reserve the right to refuse people who do not act in a manner becoming of good web conduct, this means no harassing of other members, vulgarity, or saying anything bad about Cornwall or the Cornish!

What is required? A photograph of yourself it need not be recent. This can be sent as an attachment to an E-mail, or by post, I regret that I can't return photographs unless US or UK stamps are provided. The photograph is optional, but the page isn't the same without it.

I also will require a few brief words that describe yourself, family, interests, such as where you live, what you do, hobbies, as little as you like, but not too much, I reserve the right to edit for space subject to your approval.

I will need your E-mail address, and or postal address, whichever you want on the page. Please if you have a website include the URL to your main page.

If you are a genealogist I will need a list of families you are researching & the locality of the research. For example HOSKING in Lelant. These are not restricted to Cornish families.

How do I join? By sending the required information listed above to either the E-mail address or the postal address at the bottom of this page.

Mailing List.  You do not need to have a web page on Cornish Extended Family, it is open to anyone who likes to discuss anything as long as it is Cornish related. To join send a blank E-mail to or use the handy box below to enter your E-mail address.  

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This is also the E-mail address to send photographs and details to.

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