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David Berry

I am a 5th-generation native of the northwestern corner of California (unofficially known as the State of Jefferson), born in Crescent City, CA in 1953. These days I live n the small town of Cotati, about an hour's drive north of San Francisco. I work for an alternative healthcare products company, where I wear many hats, although I am currently sidelined by a shoulder injury. 

My ancestry is primarily Cornish, Irish, Welsh, German and early Colonial New England. These latter folks were English, Dutch and Huguenot. I can thank my paternal grandmother for my lifelong interest in genealogy. Her father's name was Richard Dyer BRAY, and his family roots were in Polruan, Lanteglos-by-Fowey Parish, Cornwall. After his father's death in 1864, his mother emigrated to America with him and most of his 10 siblings, and settled in Chicago with a daughter and son-in-law who had preceded her. Richard moved west to California in the late 1870's and settled in Crescent City in the early 1880's. He had little interest in family history, but gave my grandmother a few tidbits of information and wrote a letter to my father in 1930 containing a bit more. 

I began online genealogy research about 10 years ago, and now have my data posted at  I started with very little regarding my Cornish ancestry, but through my grandmother's notes, my site and other online resources I have confirmed the information I started out with and have expanded it greatly through the help of many distant cousins I have met online. During the past six months alone I have made contact with about 6 descendants of the siblings of my Cornish great-great and great-great-great grandmothers, and have enjoyed trading old family photos and information with them. 

Call me crazy, but sometimes it feels as if my ancestors are reaching out from beyond the grave to bring their children's descendants together through the net.

E-mail: POOKAH@sonlc. net
Families researched: BRAY in Polruan, Lanteglos-by-Fowey 
DYER in Polruan, Lanteglos-by-Fowey 
PEARN / PEARNE in Polruan, Lanteglos-by-Fowey 
LEAVES / LEVIS in Polruan, Lanteglos-by-Fowey 
COSSENTINE in Polruan, Lanteglos-by-Fowey
in Polruan, Lanteglos-by-Fowey
in Polruan, Lanteglos-by-Fowey
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