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John Ival Blair

I am of Cornish ancestry through my maternal grandmother, whose paternal grandfather, two great-uncles, and a great-aunt were all born in Cornwall (baptized at St. Columb Major) in the early 19th century and immigrated with their parents in 1820 to Pike County, Missouri. That family’s name was VEAL or VEALE (spelled both with and without the concluding "e", as were many names from that time and place). My great-great grandfather, Jacob VEALE, was born in Trevarren, just to the south of St. Columb Major, in 1818. I believe his parents, Richard VEALE III and Temperance ROWE, were from local yeoman families resident in that area for at least 100 years previous and probably much longer. A cousin of my mother's, Carl VEALE, did a quantity of on-site research into the family links in Cornwall about 40 years ago, to which I am greatly indebted. A distant cousin in London has recently added some details to the complex interrelationships between the VEALE and ROWE families. The names Richard and Temperance evidently were passed down the VEALE and ROWE family lines for at least 200 years to numerous members including my maternal grandmother Temperance Veale PERCY.  The VEALE family home near St. Columb Major was “Rosewastis” manor, which is still standing and beautifully rebuilt, but passed out of the family more than a century ago. The Pike County male children – Richard IV, William, and Jacob – all received cash inheritances when their grandfather, Richard VEALE II, yeoman farmer at “Rosewastis”, died in the late 1830s. (The granddaughter, Mary, was for some reason disinherited in a codicil to the will.) His inheritance helped my great-great grandfather, Jacob VEALE, buy farmland in Barton County, Missouri, that passed to his children, though I think no one in the family still farms today.
I am 69, retired from a career in writing and editing, both technical and advertising. Married with one son and two granddaughters. I was born in Wichita, Kansas, of Missouri and Oklahoma parents whose ancestors were uniformly from England and Scotland, coming across mostly prior to 1700 but the Cornish and Wiltshire elements (the VEALES and the PERCYS/PEARCYS) in the 19th century.

My hobbies include gardening, music, history, and writing poetry. I live in Arlington, Texas, part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan complex. My interest in family history dates to when, as a boy, I was told Daniel Boone was one of my ancestors (g-g-g-g-g grandfather in a different line). Now that I'm retired, and have grandchildren to tell, my interest has been refreshed and I currently write an amateur column on the subject, "Always Looking", for an e-zine,, where much of my poetry is also published.

Families researched: VEAL/VEALE - St. Columb Major, Cornwall
ROWE/ROE - St. Columb Major, Cornwall
GRIGG - St. Columb Major, Cornwall
HAWKEY - St. Columb Major, Cornwall
WHITTER - St. Columb Major, Cornwall
BREWER - St. Columb Major, Cornwall
WILLS - St. Columb Major, Cornwall
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