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My first name is really Fleda, but I have always been called Jackie. My father was John Elmer Caddy, click John Elmer Caddy photo click herefor a photo, and his father was James Henry Caddy of Helston, Cornwall. My grandfather came to the United States to work as a miner, and he was killed in a mining accident at the Amodor mine in California in 1888. My father died in a mining-related accident - hit by a rock while some excavating was being done - three months before I was born. I was born in Jackson, California, in 1916. My mother soon returned to Michigan, which was her home, and I grew up there. I now live at Washington Court, a senior citizen apartment building, in Iron Mountain, Michigan. My husband, Lawrence Chapman, died 13 years ago. He was a farmer, hunter and trapper. We have five children, three boys and two girls, 16 grandchildren, and our 23rd and 24th great-grandchildren are on their way! The three boys have continued in their dad's love of hunting; one of them raises coon and bear hounds. I enjoy singing with a group that performs at hospitals, nursing homes and senior citizen events. I also enjoy going on bus trips and eating dinner with my friends at the senior center.

I just started working on my family history about a year ago. On my father's side, I didn't have much information, but am finding more and more.
Families researched: CADDY in Helston.
THOMAS in Wendron.
GOLDWORTHY in Wendron and Hendra.
PRYOR in Wendron?
MOYLE in Wendron.
DUNSTONE in Wendron.
JOHN in Wendron.
JAMES in Wendron.
PEARCE in Helston.
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