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Jean Drew

Originally from England, I now live in New Zealand but fully intend going back to Cornwall to live when I've made enough money from writing. I spent my formative years in Penzance, so I feel Cornish, and my brother lives just outside Saltash. I visited two years ago and knew then that I wanted to go home to Cornwall.

I write romance novels and this year had my first book accepted by an Internet publisher. It won't make me rich but it's a step in the right direction. I have several ideas for books including two trilogies to be set in Cornwall, a good excuse for research trips.

Jean Adams THE SABINE CONNECTION, DreamStar imprint, available now YESTERDAY'S DREAMS Silver Lining winner -release tba

My other great love is ancient Egypt. One short story set in Egypt has already been published electronically and can be read on my website. Anyone interested in writing will also find several links to writing organisations.

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