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I am a 60 year old retired "political" lawyer.  My last position was as General Counsel to the California Secretary of Food and Agriculture.  I retired 31 August 2007 and moved to Jacksonville 1 September. I am a father of two children and grandfather of 2 more.  
My father was born in Tywardreath, Cornwall, and raised in Plymouth.  My mother was born in Spanish Wells in the Bahamas and raised there and in Nassau.

 I am on Facebook and I am "Tywrdreath" at FlickR, where I have posted numerous Pics of Cornwall and family, old and new.  
The FlickR site is at 

My hobbies include photography, reading, walking, writing and genealogy.  I walk on average 7-8 miles a day and publish my photographs at FlickR and on Facebook.  I have published two poems in "Poetry Cornwall."   I have taken a number of DNA tests to supplement my paper trail, found at .  

Below follows the best summary of what I know to date, families of interest in bold:
I am a Dyer on my father's side, whose family for 200 of last 300 years at least was from a region 8.5 miles in radius from "Highway" in the parish of Lanteglos-By-Fowey in Cornwall. In 1850's forebear moved to Golant, Cornwall, still within 8.5 miles of Highway but across the Fowey River. Grandfather moved to Plymouth, Devon; father to the USA by way of the Bahamas and West Indies. Earliest documented ancestor John Dyer, christened 1720 in Lansallos, Cornwall. His father was reputedly also John Dyer married to a Wilmot someone, but there is no source documentation supporting that other than a reference in John Dyer of 1720's christening. 

I have found a Johannes
Dyer who marries a Wilmota Dyer (both Dyer surnamed) in 1715 in St. Brevard, less than 30 miles to the north. Johannes and Wilmota are Latinized versions of "German" versions of John and Wilmot(t), both common names in Cornwall and Devon. They are the only pair in the ON LINE and LDS records who are in the right place. I am trying to confirm that statement through a records hunt now.

My YDNA haplogroup is 29/U198, the origin of which has been debated its three or so years of existence.    

Cornish Family surnames known to be of interest to me include Dyer, Barrett, Crago, Jago, Giles, Broad, Brabyn (aka Braven, Bravin, Bravier), Oliver, Swiggs (or Sweges). Jago is reputedly ancient Cornish, Barrett Norman, Giles Norman French by way of the Channel Islands, Brabyn Flemish, Crago, Dyer and Broad unclear.
I have still have relatives in Cornwall and the extended family include Truscotts, Pollards, Grahams. I am not sure of everyone even of my own direct family. My great grandfather Charles Barrett Dyer had 20 children by two wives.  My family tree has 289 identified individuals on it.
Families researched: Dyer in Lanteglos-By-Fowey > Golant, Cornwall > Devon > Bahamas > USA
in Cornwall
in Cornwall
in Cornwall
in Cornwall
in Cornwall
(aka Braven, Bravin, Bravier) in Cornwall
in Cornwall
or Sweges
in Cornwall
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    Jim Thompson 01-JAN-2000