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Vickie Cornish

Hi! My name is Viki Cornish.I live in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, I have one child. My hobbies are: reading, genealogy and trying to keep up with my daughter.

My occupation keeps me extremely busy. I'm an over the road truck driver and I've been doing this for about 16 years.

I'm new at genealogy, but I find it totally fascinating. The surnames I am looking for are: CORNISH, BUSBY, & ARNOLD. As far as I know, all are from Texas and Oklahoma. I'm pretty sure that once Ii start digging Ii'll find other relatives in the U.K. The majority of the family I know about are all black. I do know that my ggggfather was white, but no one knows anything about him or his wife, except her name was Julia, and she was a full blood Choctaw Indian from a reservation somewhere in Oklahoma.

Maybe someone somewhere may be able to help me track down my long lost relatives and I may be able to help someone also.

Families researched: CORNISH in Texas & Oklahoma USA; possibly in Cornwall
BUSBY in Texas & Oklahoma USA
in Texas & Oklahoma USA
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