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Surnames: C and D

CAREW Family of Devon

Tim Sandberg's family tree containing the CAREW family of Devon and other related surnames including FLOYER, CORNISH, WADHAM, MARTYN and COURTENAY.

CLODE Genealogy Worldwide

A one-name study site for the surname CLODE.  This site contains family tree's, along with a CLODE Name Register where CLODE's worldwide can log their family details.  Hosted by Gerald Clode who has traced his ancestors back to Sidbury in Devon.


Debbie Kennett (née CRUWYS) is the founder of the CRUWYS One-Name Study, registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies and also the group adminstrator for the CRUWYS/CRUSE/CREWES DNA Project.   Also see Debbie's wonderful CRUWYS News Blog which contains lots of fascinating information and photographs that she has collected in her research.

DRAKE DNA Surnames Project

This website houses the DRAKE DNA Surnames Project, contains some family trees and is dedicated to the surname DRAKE, DRATZ and other variations.  This site is hosted by Donald Drake who would love to hear from others researching the surname DRAKE and also those who may be interested in participating in a DNA study.

DRAKE Genealogy Worldwide

This website is a one-name study site for the surname DRAKE, with lots of resources and information on various DRAKE lineages.  Hosted by Roy Andrews.