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Surnames: G and H

GILPIN Surname Worldwide and GILPIN DNA Project

Nelda Percival is conducting a one-name study for the surname GILPIN and would like to hear from others researching the surname.  There is also a DNA Project, that welcomes new participants.

GLANVILL(E) of Devon & Cornwall

A website concentrating on the GLANVILL(E) family from Ashburton in Devon, Maker and Rame in Cornwall.  This site also contains a list of probates in England from 1858 to 1950.  Hosted by Ray Turner.


John is researching his GREENAWAY ancestors from around the St. Sidwell area of Exeter.  If you are researching this surname too, please email:

HARRIS Genealogy

The history of the HARRIS families from Devon and Cornwall from the 1400's and the migration of one HARRIS family to the Channel Islands and South Australia.  Hosted by Bob Harris.

HAWKE - Mike's Oak Tree

Researching the HAWKE family mainly from Cornworthy near Totnes, but they may also go back to a variant of HOKE in Stoke Gabriel.  Surnames also included GOARD/GOURD from Devon.  Hosted by Mike Thompson.

HEARD Family of Mid-Devon

A fascinating website dedicated to the HEARD's from around Sandford and Crediton, with earlier connections to Hartland.  This website includes family trees, photographs and related historical information for HEARDS's and other related lines including PITTS, WRIGHT, BERRY TURNER, RICE, FEY, FURSDON and PICKETT.  Hosted by Nick Heard.


Maurice has been researching the surname HITT for over 25 years and also written a book on descendants of Henry HITT from Devon, who went to America in 1664.  So if you are interested in the surname too, please e-mail:

HUXTABLE Family Tree

The family tree of Dick Huxtable, tracing the HUXTABLE's back to a John HUXTABLE, born 1490 in England.  Related surnames JACKA, VIVIAN, FRANK and HIRN.