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Parish Register Transcriptions

kindly donated by

Geraldine Gasparelli

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YearDateSurnameForenameFatherMotherBirthdate and PlaceAbodeFather's OccupationCommentSource
179614 DecBACONSarahWilliamAnn 21 November 1796...Beaminster Independent PR
179622 DecFARNHAMGraceJohnHannah 4 December 1796...Beaminster Independent PR
179714 AprPAINEAnnaSamuelMary 9 May 1793...Beaminster Independent PR
179714 AprPAINEBryantSamuelMary 10 August 1795...Beaminster Independent PR
179707 JunHINEPhilipRichardMary 6 May 1797...Beaminster Independent PR
179701 DecRENDALLAnnJoseph Thomasin9 October 1797...Beaminster Independent PR
179808 JanHOSKINSJohnWilliam Elizabeth24 December 1797...Beaminster Independent PR
179827 JanBARRETTThoomasThomas StaceyElizabeth01 January 1798...Beaminster Independent PR
179801 FebPETTYElizabethJohnAnn 22 November 1797Chantmarle, Cattistock..Beaminster Independent PR
179827 MarPYKEMaryJohnMary 25 March 1798Netherbury..Beaminster Independent PR
179804 JulHINESimeonRichardMary May 1798...Beaminster Independent PR
179819 JulLANELetitiaRobertMary 19 July 1798Netherbury..Beaminster Independent PR
179814 DecWILMOTTEdwardSamuel Elizabeth10 July 1798...Beaminster Independent PR
179902 FebMARGRIEGeorgeWilliam Mary2 February 1799Allington..Beaminster Independent PR
179903 AprBISHOPHannahGeorge EleanorOctober 1798Malplash, Netherbury..Beaminster Independent PR
179928 AprMALSHDavidHenry Elizabeth4 December 1798...Beaminster Independent PR
179928 AprHINEWilliam BakerRichard Ann04 February 1799...Beaminster Independent PR
179922 JulHINEAnnRichardMary 15 July 1799...Beaminster Independent PR
179922 JulPAINEElizabethSamuel Mary14 March 1799...Beaminster Independent PR
179914 NovHINESamuel DanielJames Elizabeth9 October 1799...Beaminster Independent PR
180002 JanHANSFORDRobertRobert Ann11 December 1799Slape, Netherbury..Beaminster Independent PR
180015 AprPETTYJohnJohnAnn(dec'd)22 March 1800Chantmarle, Cattistock.. Beaminster Independent PR
180008 JanCRATEMaryBenjamin Judith18 May 1799Drimpton, Broadwindsor..Beaminster Independent PR
180023 JulBARRETTSarahThomas Stacey Eliza14 June 1800...Beaminster Independent PR
180008 OctPITCHERJosiahWilliam Elizabeth9 March 1798Lorscombe..Beaminster Independent PR
180008 OctPITCHERWilliamWilliam Elizabeth19 June 1800Lorscombe..Beaminster Independent PR
180030 DecBISHOPMarthaGeorge Eleanor10 April 1800Melplash, Netherbury..Beaminster Independent PR
180105 JanWILMOTTHenrySamuel Elizabeth16 August 1800Marsh, Beaminster..Beaminster Independent PR
180115 FebSYMESElizabethSilas Elizabeth5 Decemver 1800...Beaminster Independent PR
180101 MayLANEMaryRobertMary 16 March 1801Netherbury..Beaminster Independent PR
180102 OctHANSFORDRobertRobert Ann15 September 1801Slape, Netherbury..Beaminster Independent PR
180110 NovTIZZARDJamesThomas Elizabeth05 October 1801Netherbury..Beaminster Independent PR
180112 NovCOXElizabethJohnHannah 17 October 1801Loders..Beaminster Independent PR
180106 DecBUTTMaryFrancisMartha 5 November 1801Mere, Wiltshire.Registered in the Church Book thereBeaminster Independent PR
180125 DecHINEThomas CollinsJames Elizabeth15 May 1801...Beaminster Independent PR
180125 DecHINEThomas CollinsJames Elizabeth15 May 1801...Beaminster Independent PR
180125 DecHINESusannaRichardAnn 16 August 1801...Beaminster Independent PR
180125 DecMALSHJohn YardHenry Elizabeth11 October 1801...Beaminster Independent PR
180221 FebRICHARDSPatienceWilliam Betty19 Jan 1802Marshwood..Beaminster Independent PR
180223 FebDAUBENEYMAry-AnnAnthony Ann1 February 1802...Beaminster Independent PR
180202 JunHINESimeonRichardMary 19 December 1801...Beaminster Independent PR
180202 JunROGERSElizabethJohn Elizabeth5 April 1802...Beaminster Independent PR
180202 DecWILMOTTFrancis Bellamy SamuelElizabeth22 October 1802Hurst, Broadwindsor.. Beaminster Independent PR
180327 FebLAWRENCEAnnJohnAnn 19 January 1803...Beaminster Independent PR
180325 AprHINEElizabeth CollinsJames Elizabeth (dec'd)15 February 1803...Beaminster Independent PR
180322 JunLANEReubenRobertMary 7 May 1803Netherbury..Beaminster Independent PR
180321 JulBARRETTJohnThomas Stacey Elizabeth14 February 1803...Beaminster Independent PR
180328 OctHINEDanielRichardAnn 9 July 1803...Beaminster Independent PR
180303 NovDAUBENEYThomasAnthony Ann29 September 1803...Beaminster Independent PR
180320 NovRICHARDSAnnWilliam Betty28 October 1803Marshwood..Beaminster Independent PR
180421 FebMARSHMichaelWilliam Mary25 December 1803...Beaminster Independent PR
180402 AprHINERichardRichardMary 28 August 1803...Beaminster Independent PR
180410 MayPITCHERSusan HarrisRobert Eleanor30 March 1804Lorscombe.TwinBeaminster Independent PR
180410 MayPITCHERJaneRobert Eleanor30 March 1804Lorscombe.TwinBeaminster Independent PR
180410 OctHINEJohn BakerRichard Ann17 August 1804...Beaminster Independent PR
180410 OctRENDALLElizabethJohn Sarah22 August 1803...Beaminster Independent PR
180511 FebSNOOKHenryRichardMary 24 January 1805Sherborne..Beaminster Independent PR
180515 FebREADElizabethJohn Martha6 December 1803Maiden Newton..Beaminster Independent PR
180515 FebSMITHJohnDanielJane 5 August 1804Maiden Newton..Beaminster Independent PR
180503 OctLANEIsaacRobertMary 25 July 1805Netherbury..Beaminster Independent PR
180505 DecPLYERMariaBernard Sophia2 October 1805...Beaminster Independent PR
180618 FebWILMOTTMary-AnnSamuel Elizabeth29 January 1806Hurst, Broadwinsor.. Beaminster Independent PR
180620 JulPITCHERRichardJosias Mary7 June 1806Lorscombe..Beaminster Independent PR
180623 AugGROVESMaryJohnSarah 14 August 1806...Beaminster Independent PR
180702 JanROGERSSarahJohn Elizabeth5 Novemver 1806...Beaminster Independent PR
180702 JanHINECareyJames Elizabeth4 March 1806...Beaminster Independent PR
180702 JanHINEJohn BakerRichard Ann28 June 1806...Beaminster Independent PR
180711 FebRENDALLDanielJohnSarah 9 April 1805...Beaminster Independent PR
180711 FebRENDALLPheobeJohnSarah 9 September 1806...Beaminster Independent PR
180711 FebADAMSMaryWilliamMartha 24 May 1805...Beaminster Independent PR
180720 MarEDNEYThomasSamuel Susanna8 November 1805...Beaminster Independent PR
180720 MarEDNEYElizabethSamuel Susanna11 March 1807...Beaminster Independent PR
180707 JunPITCHERMaryWilliam Elizabeth30 March 1807Lorscombe..Beaminster Independent PR
180712 JulLANEAbigailRobert Mary5 May 1807Netherbury..Beaminster Independent PR
180812 JanBROWNMary-AnnCharles Mary13 December 1807Loders..Beaminster Independent PR
180826 AprDENNYThomasRevd Thomas Mary5 December 1807Chilfrome..Beaminster Independent PR
180816 MayPLYERDavidBernard Sophia31 December 1807...Beaminster Independent PR
180820 MayLARCOMBEElizabethSamuel Martha13 January 1808...Beaminster Independent PR
180824 JunKNIGHTJohnJames Elizabeth16 June 1808The Common, Beaminster.. Beaminster Independent PR
180805 AugMARSHDavidSamuelSarah 30 July 1808...Beaminster Independent PR
180810 AugADAMSMarthaWilliam Martha10 August 1808...Beaminster Independent PR
180813 NovPROSSERCharlotteJohn Mary12 September 1808...Beaminster Independent PR
180830 DecROGERSEstherJohnEliz. 31 October 1808...Beaminster Independent PR
180830 DecRENDALLHenryJohnSarah 28 December 1807...Beaminster Independent PR
180910 MayHINEAnnaRichardAnn 28 January 1809...Beaminster Independent PR
180910 MayLARCOMBEJohnSamuel MarthaApril 1809...Beaminster Independent PR
180901 JunWILMOTTFrancis Bellamy SamuelElizabeth24 January 1809Misterton.. Beaminster Independent PR
180922 JulCROSSDavidRichard Elizabeth22 July 1809..TwinBeaminster Independent PR
180922 JulCROSSJonathonRichard Elizabeth22 July 1809..TwinBeaminster Independent PR
180917 OctPROSSERJohnJohnMary 17 October 1809...Beaminster Independent PR
180925 OctLANEJosephRobertMary 17 September 1809...Beaminster Independent PR
180917 NovPITCHERJosiahRobert Eleanor19 September 1809Poorstock..Beaminster Independent PR
181010 MayWILLISLouisa Anna Carter JamesJane3 February 1810Sherborne..Beaminster Independent PR
181025 SepPITCHERRobertWilliam Eliz.18 August 1810Lorscombe..Beaminster Independent PR
181117 JanHINESophiaGeorgeSophia 28 December 1810Beaminster.Baptised by William Gray, Minister of Stalbridge, grandfather of the infantBeaminster Independent PR
181117 MarPLAYERJohnBernard Sophia25 March 1811...Beaminster Independent PR
181108 AugCHALKERSJosephJoseph Mary14 June 1810Loscombe..Beaminster Independent PR
181108 OctHINEAmeliaRichardAnn 2 April 1811Beaminster..Beaminster Independent PR
181115 NovCROSSElizabethRichard Elizabeth9 November 1811Beaminster..Beaminster Independent PR
181203 AprCHURCHILLRebeccaDavid Elizabeth14 February 1812...Beaminster Independent PR
181228 SepRANDALLMary-AnnJoseph Ann9 September 1812Beaminster..Beaminster Independent PR
181313 JanHINEMary Glission Gray GeorgeSophia22 December 1812..Baptised by William Gray, Minister of Stalbridge, Grandfather of infantBeaminster Independent PR
181321 NovRANDALLGeorgeJohnSarah 18 September 1809...Beaminster Independent PR
181321 NovRANDALLSarahJohnSarah 9 November 1812...Beaminster Independent PR
181414 MarCROSSAnnRichard Elizabeth2 March 1814...Beaminster Independent PR
1814FebLARCOMBBenjamin CaseSaml. Marth2 February 1812...Beaminster Independent PR
181426 SepLARCOMBDavid CaseSaml. Martha13 January 1814...Beaminster Independent PR
181426 SepHINESusanRichardMary 18 August 1806...Beaminster Independent PR
181426 SepHINEBenjaminRichard Mary22 June 1808...Beaminster Independent PR
181426 SepHINEPhilipRichardMary 1 July 1810...Beaminster Independent PR
18???? ???GERRARDAnnJohnMartha 25 September 1814...Beaminster Independent PR
181507 FebHINELouisaGeorgeSophia 13 December 1814...Beaminster Independent PR
181520 OctCOOMBSWilliam BoonGeorge Elizabeth5 October 1815...Beaminster Independent PR
181511 DecLARCOMBPhoebeSamuel Martha14 October 1815...Beaminster Independent PR
181611 FebRANDALLMariaJohnSarah 20 April 1815...Beaminster Independent PR
181628 MayGALEThomasThomas Susannah.Horsehill..Beaminster Independent PR
181628 MayCROSSRichard TuckerRichard Elizabeth....Beaminster Independent PR
181603 JunHALLETTJohnJohn Sarah....Beaminster Independent PR
181614 OctHINEArabellaGeorge Sophia24 September 1816...Beaminster Independent PR
181614 OctHINEMatildaRichard Ann31 August 1816...Beaminster Independent PR
181726 JanTUCKERWilliam. .20 October 1816...Beaminster Independent PR
181824 JanCROSSJohnRichard E.15 Jan 1818...Beaminster Independent PR
18???? ???DABINETTAnnJoseph Elizabeth25 December 1818...Beaminster Independent PR
182021 AugGERRARDSarahJohn Martha2 June 1820...Beaminster Independent PR
18???? ???OLIVERSusan PhippardIsaac Mary nee Phippard28 August 1820...Beaminster Independent PR
18???? ???OLIVEREdwinIsaac Mary nee Phippard17 October 1821...Beaminster Independent PR
1822?? ???GIFFORDPriscillaJohn Priscilla10 June 1815...Beaminster Independent PR
1822?? ???GIFFORDJohnJohn Priscilla17 August 1816...Beaminster Independent PR
1822?? ???GIFFORDThornJohn Priscilla2 November 1817...Beaminster Independent PR
1822?? ???GIFFORDRichard GeorgeJohn Priscilla25 November 1819...Beaminster Independent PR
1822?? ???GIFFORDSelinaJohn Priscilla24 August 1821...Beaminster Independent PR
18???? ???OLIVEREmmaIsaac Mary nee Phippard11 May 1823...Beaminster Independent PR
182322 NovGERRARDEmilyJohnMartha 21 February 1823...Beaminster Independent PR
18???? ???GENGELipporahWilliam Sarah6 October 1824...Beaminster Independent PR
182527 JanOLIVERWestleyIsaac .6 October 1824...Beaminster Independent PR
182511 AprADAMSNicholas John Player JohnJane11 March 1825...Beaminster Independent PR
182525 AprNEWBERRYWilliamCharles Elizabeth19 March 1925..Baptised at MelplashBeaminster Independent PR
182506 MayLARCOMBJaneSamuel Martha25 April 1825...Beaminster Independent PR
182521 OctMARSHRuthDavid Anne28 August 1825...Beaminster Independent PR
182515 NovSIMPSONEbenezerJohn Bowden Hannah7 November 1824Stalbridge.Baptised at BeaminsterBeaminster Independent PR
182607 MayCONWAYMary SeymourRobert Priscilla nee Seymour27 March 1826...Beaminster Independent PR
182607 MayCHISLETTSarah AnneJohn Sarah nee Chaffey....Beaminster Independent PR
182607 MayCROCKERThomasWilliam Martha nee Irish24 November 1825...Beaminster Independent PR
182607 MayQUARRELJohnJohnAnne nee Bidgood21 May 1825...Beaminster Independent PR
182607 MayTUCKERJohnSamuelSusan nee Hunt17 October 1825...Beaminster Independent PR
182607 MayWILLIAMSThomasJames Rebecca nee Wooly27 October 1824...Beaminster Independent PR
182606 JunWILLSRobert WhitbyLawrence Anna nee Whitby28 May 1826Netherbury.Born and Baptised at NetherburyBeaminster Independent PR
182608 OctOLIVERReubenIsaacMary nee Homer12 June 1826...Beaminster Independent PR
182608 OctWHITEHEADWilliamJohn Jane nee Meppett12 August 1826...Beaminster Independent PR
182608 OctWHEADONJamesJames Elizabeth nee Buckland2 April 1824...Beaminster Independent PR
182729 AprTITEEmilyWilliam Harriet nee Taylor18 November 1826...Beaminster Independent PR
182729 AprHINEAlfredRichardEliza nee Swayne16 November 1826...Beaminster Independent PR
182729 AprENGLANDJaneWilliam Hannah nee Ellard27 June 1826...Beaminster Independent PR
182701 JunGENGEJohn Crabb Zenas WilliamSarah nee Crabb14 December 1826... Beaminster Independent PR
182711 DecTREWGeorgeJamesSusan nee Clack12 July 1827...Beaminster Independent PR
182716 DecGIFFORDWilliam Frederick JohnPriscilla nee Thorne28 May 1825...Beaminster Independent PR
182716 DecTITEFrances EllenJoseph Frances nee Evans22 August 1827...Beaminster Independent PR
182716 DecCONWAYEmmaRobert Priscilla nee Seymour21 August 1827...Beaminster Independent PR
182716 DecCROCKERMarthaWilliam Martha nee Irish14 October 1827...Beaminster Independent PR
182713 JunWEBBMary AnneThomas Elizabeth nee Paul13 June 1825...Beaminster Independent PR
182716 DecWEBBJaneThomas Elizabeth nee Paul9 November 1827...Beaminster Independent PR
182814 SepTITEHenry William WilliamHarriet nee Taylor15 January 1828... Beaminster Independent PR
182814 SepCHISLETTFrederic William JohnSarah nee Chaffey10 September 1826... Beaminster Independent PR
182814 SepTUCKERHenry HuntSamuel Susan nee Hunt13 August 1828... Beaminster Independent PR
182922 MarMOOREDruscillaJohn Jemima17 June 1828... Beaminster Independent PR
182922 MarFRAMPTONRobertRobert Susan nee Wilkins19 January 1829... Beaminster Independent PR
182922 MarWHITEHEADJohnJohnJane nee Meppett24 December 1828...Beaminster Independent PR
182916 AugCHISLETTEllen ChaffeyJohn Sarah nee Chaffey16 July 1829...Beaminster Independent PR
182916 AugRANDALLWalterDaniel Elizabeth nee Meech21 July 1829.Painter.Beaminster Independent PR
182916 AugTIZARDGaiusJamesDinah nee Cravett5 June 1829Netherbury..Beaminster Independent PR
182916 DecWHITEHEADJohnJohnJane nee Meppett24 December 1828...Beaminster Independent PR
182922 NovCONWAYTheodosiaRobert Priscilla nee Seymour22 November 1828...Beaminster Independent PR
182916 AugTITELavington YeoJoseph Frances nee Evans27 March 1829...Beaminster Independent PR
182916 AugBRIDGESMaryJames Elizabeth nee Mills20 August 1827...Beaminster Independent PR
182916 AugBRIDGESJohnJames Elizabeth nee Mills14 July 1829...Beaminster Independent PR
183014 MarCROCKERHarrietWilliam Martha nee Irish12 September 1828...Beaminster Independent PR
183014 MarTREWThomasJamesSusan nee Clark5 December 1829...Beaminster Independent PR
183014 MarTITEOberlinWilliam Harriet nee Taylor15 October 1829...Beaminster Independent PR
183014 MarOLIVERRichmondIsaac Mary nee Homer8 November 1829...Beaminster Independent PR
183014 MarLEGGThomasThomasMary nee Marsh1 October 1829...Beaminster Independent PR
183017 OctCONWAYPriscillaRobert Priscilla nee Seymour16 March 1830...Beaminster Independent PR
183017 OctBISHOPAnnDaniel Louisa nee Coombs24 June 1830...Beaminster Independent PR
183017 OctRANDALLJaneWilliam Jane28 January 1825Netherbury..Beaminster Independent PR
183017 OctRANDALLAnnWilliam Jane27 December 1826Netherbury..Beaminster Independent PR
183017 OctRANDALLWilliamWilliam Jane16 July 1828Netherbury..Beaminster Independent PR
183017 OctWILKINSMary AnnJohn Mary nee Dunham5 April 1830...Beaminster Independent PR
183017 OctLARCOMBEAlfredSamuel Martha nee Case12 May 1830...Beaminster Independent PR
183017 OctMOOREAlfredJohnJemima 8 September 1830...Beaminster Independent PR
183017 OctGIFFORDJosephJohn Priscilla nee Thorne16 December 1829...Beaminster Independent PR
183017 OctCREEDSamuelJames Elizabeth nee Marsh10 July 1830...Beaminster Independent PR
183017 OctWEBBJames PaulThomas NewmanElizabeth nee Paul31 May 1830...Beaminster Independent PR
183108 MayCHISLETTJohnJohnSarah nee Chaffey26 February 1831...Beaminster Independent PR
183108 MayCHAMPAlfred GouldJohn BuddenJanet nee Gould30 March 1831...Beaminster Independent PR
183108 MayGENGEZillahWilliam Sarah nee Crabb21 January 1831...Beaminster Independent PR
183108 MayFRAMPTONEstherRobert Susan nee Wilkins21 November 1830...Beaminster Independent PR
183108 MayTUCKERElizabethSamuel Susan nee Hunt27 January 1831...Beaminster Independent PR
183116 OctCONWAYRobert WilliamRobert Priscilla nee Seymour31 July 1831...Beaminster Independent PR
183116 OctDABINETSarah WheelerJoseph Elizabeth nee Lawrence5 August 1831...Beaminster Independent PR
183116 OctTIZARDHannahJames Dinah nee Cravett11 September 1831Netherbury.. Beaminster Independent PR
183116 OctROBERTSCarolineAaron Eliza nee Park22 June 1831...Beaminster Independent PR
183215 AprHOSKINSJohnEliasSusan nee Francis30 November 1831...Beaminster Independent PR
183215 AprLEGGDavidArthurAnn nee Paul28 December 1831...Beaminster Independent PR
183215 AprBRIDGESJamesJames Elizabeth nee Mills24 December 1831...Beaminster Independent PR
183215 AprLEGGHenryThomasMary nee Marsh27 October 1831...Beaminster Independent PR
183215 AprTITESarahWilliam Harriet nee Taylor16 February 1832...Beaminster Independent PR
183230 SepCOOMBSJaneWilliam Sarah nee Hopkins30 September 1831...Beaminster Independent PR
183230 SepREIDSusanJamesSusan nee Furber28 May 1832...Beaminster Independent PR
183230 SepRANDALLJoseph JohnDaniel Elizabeth nee Meech4 March 1832...Beaminster Independent PR
183230 SepSEXEYThomasThomas Fanny nee Marsh22 June 1832...Beaminster Independent PR
183230 SepCREEDJohnJames Elizabeth nee Marsh15 June 1832...Beaminster Independent PR
183230 SepCROCKEREmma JaneWilliam Martha nee Irish11 April 1832...Beaminster Independent PR
183230 SepLYEBenjaminSamuel Mary nee Hearen....Beaminster Independent PR
183230 SepTREWEmmaJamesSusan nee Clark22 August 1832...Beaminster Independent PR
183230 SepTITEElizabeth Jane Taylor JohnElizabeth nee Taylor9 June 1832...Beaminster Independent PR
183230 SepWILKINSJosephJohnMary nee Dunham10 July 1832...Beaminster Independent PR
183230 SepWILKINSSamuelJohnMary nee Dunham10 July 1832...Beaminster Independent PR
183221 DecHINEThomas PittmanPhilip Sarah nee Pittman29 September 1832...Beaminster Independent PR
183328 AprCONWAYJosiah Seymour RobertPriscilla nee Seymour3 March 1833... Beaminster Independent PR
183328 AprPORTEREmmaBenjamin Coombs Susan nee Hine20 September 1832... Beaminster Independent PR
183328 AprWILKINSLucy MariaJohn Lucy nee Chapman26 February 1833... Beaminster Independent PR
183328 AprFRAMPTONSusanRobert Susan nee Wilkins22 March 1833... Beaminster Independent PR
183313 OctCOOMBSEmmaWilliam Sarah nee Hopkins2 August 1833...Beaminster Independent PR
183313 OctHOSKINSSusanElias Susan nee Francis16 September 1833...Beaminster Independent PR
183313 OctRANDALLHenry JamesDaniel Elizabeth nee Meech13 August 1833...Beaminster Independent PR
183313 OctFOXAmeliaWilliamAnn nee Cox19 August 1833...Beaminster Independent PR
183313 OctSEYMOURHenryBenjamin Ann nee Conway7 June 1833...Beaminster Independent PR
183313 OctLEGGAnneThomasMary nee Marsh24 July 1833...Beaminster Independent PR
183420 AprHINEAlbert EvansBenjamin Mary Anne nee Gould29 January 1834...Beaminster Independent PR
183420 AprSEXEYElizabethThomas Fanny nee Marsh23 October 1833...Beaminster Independent PR
183420 AprROBERTSJohnAaronEliza nee Park11 March 1834...Beaminster Independent PR
183420 AprREIDHelenJamesSusan nee Furber9 January 1834...Beaminster Independent PR
183420 AprHINEJohnPhilipSarah nee Pitman11 March 1834...Beaminster Independent PR
183420 AprWEBBAmeliaThomas Newman Elizabeth nee Paul4 April 1833...Beaminster Independent PR
183420 AprCHURCHILLAmeliaBenjamin Elizabeth nee Croft11 February 1834...Beaminster Independent PR
183420 AprLYESamuelSamuelMary nee Hearen6 January 1834...Beaminster Independent PR
183426 OctPORTERMary HineBenjamin CoombsSusan nee Hine4 July 1834...Beaminster Independent PR
183426 OctTITEJohn GarrettJohn GarrettElizabeth nee Taylor20 February 1834... Beaminster Independent PR
183512 AprBRIDGESAlfredJames Elizabeth nee Mills10 October 1834...Beaminster Independent PR
183512 AprRANDALLMatilda AnneDaniel Elizabeth nee Meech11 December 1834...Beaminster Independent PR
183512 AprGILLINGHAMElizabethRichard Mary Anne nee Ames10 February 1835...Beaminster Independent PR
183512 AprGOODALLAlfredJohn Elizabeth nee Holt12 November 1834...Beaminster Independent PR
183512 AprMOOREEmilyJohnJemima 8 January 1833...Beaminster Independent PR
183512 AprMOOREMargaret AnneJohn Jemima10 January 1835...Beaminster Independent PR
183522 NovCONWAYSamuelRobert Priscilla nee Seymour18 November 1834...Beaminster Independent PR
183522 NovFOXJamesWilliamAnn nee Cox8 April 1835...Beaminster Independent PR
183522 NovSTAPLEJamesHananinAnne 14 May 1835...Beaminster Independent PR
183522 NovSEXEYSamuelThomasFanny nee Marsh1 November 1834...Beaminster Independent PR
183522 NovLEGGJohnThomasMary nee Marsh12 June 1835...Beaminster Independent PR
183512 DecSPRACKLANMaryHenry Sarah25 October 1835Loscombe.At PoorstockBeaminster Independent PR
183608 JulHINESusan WattsPhilip Susan nee Pittman24 September 1835... Beaminster Independent PR
183611 JulRENDALLAngellinaDaniel Elizabeth nee Meech27 January 1836Beaminster.. Beaminster Independent PR
183630 OctWILKINSMatildaJohn Susan24 July 1836...Beaminster Independent PR
183630 OctLYEPriscillaSamuel Mary4 September 1836...Beaminster Independent PR
183630 OctLUCASCharlesJohn Mary20 March 1836...Beaminster Independent PR
183630 OctROBERTSGeorgeAaron Eliza14 June 1836...Beaminster Independent PR
183630 OctPIDDINGSusannahCharles Anne21 February 1834...Beaminster Independent PR
183630 OctWILKINSElizabethJohn Mary5 December 1835...Beaminster Independent PR
183630 OctCONWAYAnna MariaRobert Priscilla8 May 1836...Beaminster Independent PR
183630 OctWEBBElizabethThomas Elizabeth19 October 1835...Beaminster Independent PR

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