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These entries are not a complete listing but are aimed at helping fellow researchers looking for their ancestors. If you have additions or a full transcription to add they would be very welcome

No.YearDateGROOM'S SURNAMEForenameStatus AgeOccupationResidenceGrooms Father BRIDE'S SURNAMEForenameStatusAgeOccupation ResidenceBrides FatherWitnessesCommentReference
.173827 JanKENWAYJames.. ...HALLETTElizabeth...... by BannsBridport PR
.175312 JunKENWAYJos... ...KEECHElis:...... by BannsBridport PR
.175403 SepNURSESamuel.. ...BISHOPSarah...... by BannsBridport PR
.177005 NovKENWAYJames.. BannsBridport PR
.177425 JunBALSTONRobert.. .Bridport.RICHARDS????...Bridport ...Bridport PR
.177624 MarBELSTONWilliam.. .Bridport.NURSESarah...Bridport. ..Bridport PR
.177609 AprKENWAYJohn.. .Bridport.SHAPICKMary...Bridport ...Bridport PR
.177607 MayBELSTONAbraham.. .Bridport.THURMANPriscilla...Bridport ...Bridport PR
.181603 MarKENWAYWilliamBachelor ....CHARDAnnwidow.... John Turner and John CurmeBy BannsBridport PR
.181621 JulBALSONWilliamBachelor ..Allington.SHEPPICKAnnSpinster.....By BannsBridport PR
.181608 DecKENWAYMatthew Bachelor....MARGRIESarahSpinster. .....Bridport PR
.1819?? ???HOSKINSRobertBachelor ....KENWAYMarySpinster... .John Stone, Mary Long and John CurmeBy BannsBridport PR
.182106 MayKENWAYJamesBachelor ..Bridport.STODGELLDinahSpinster.. Bridport.Richard Dunestry and John CurmeBy Banns Bridport PR
.182303 AugBALSONAlfredBachelor ....MARGRIEAnn..... James Patten and George P. CurmeBy BannsBridport PR
.182405 SepBALSTONSamuel bachelor..Bridport.TAYLORMarySpinister ..Bridport...Bridport PR
.182525 MayKENWAYPeterBachelor ..Bridport.LONGMarySpinster.. Bridport.William KenwayBy BannsBridport PR
.182815 JulCHAMPEdwardBachelor ..Bridport.KENWAYElizabethSpinster.. Bridport.William KenwayBy BannsBridport PR
.183325 FebBARNESHenryBachelor ..Bridport.KENWAYSarah BishopSpinster ..Bridport.J.B. Kenway and Walter James Wilkins By BannsBridport PR
.183313 AugBALSONGeorgeBachelor ..Allington.SEYMOURGeorgiannaSpinster. .Bridport.John Jean Seymour and Eliza StoodleyBy BannsBridport PR
.183501 FebKENWAYMatthewWidower ..Bridport.DUNHAMHarrietSpinster.. Bridport..By BannsBridport PR
.183618 JulWATERSJohnBachelor ..Bridport.KENWAYElizabethSpinster.. Bridport..By BannsBridport PR
.186326 DecSCADDENJohn Alexander Bachelor22MarinerBridportWilliam Scadden - Shoemaker TRAVERSEleanoraSpinster20.BridportRobert Travers - LabourerGeorge Scadden and Henry G. Scadden.Bridport PR
.186418 SepSNELGROVEJoseph. 21.Bridport.GAPEEmily.21.BridportJohn Gape - Shoemaker..Bridport PR
.186425 DecBALSTONPhilip. FullPainterBridportSamuel Balston - Attorney ClerkHANN Jane.Full.BeaminsterSamuel Hann - Cabinet MakerIan Roberts and Alice Roberts.Bridport PR
.186515 AprGAPEWalter.21 LabourerBridportJohn Gape - ShoemakerGOULDING Adelaide SarahWidow24.Bridport... Bridport PR
.189624 OctTRAVERSSilvanus Bachelor35Shoe Thread MaunfacturerBridportRichard Travers - LabourerBARTLETTMariaSpinster27. BridportJoseph Bartlett - FishermanThomas Bartlett and Clementina Slead(Slade?).Bridport PR
.189604 NovBARRETTThomas Herbert Bachelor32Able Seaman HMS Victory.Henry Barrett - LabourerGILLMarySpinster32..Thomas Gill - LabourerJohne Gill and Sarah Jane Barrett.Bridport PR
.189803 FebBURDONJohnBachelor 28Dairy ManagerSt Peter's, BournemouthThomas Burdon - Farm BailliffGALEMary AnnaSpinster22.Bridport George Gale - CarpenterJohn Stone and Martha Elizabeth Gale .Bridport PR
.189822 FebTRAVERSRobert Charles Bachelor22PorterSt Dunstan, East Acton, MiddlesexJohn Travers - Road ContractorLEGGEllenSpinster20. BridportJames Legg - PorterJames Legg and Louisa Travers. Bridport PR
.190108 AprWELCHWilliam John. 29LabourerSt Mark's, Parish New? SwindonIsaac Welch - Flax DresserTRAVERSFrances Elizabeth.32.10 Victoria Street, BridportJohn Travers - LabourerDaniel Travers and Mary Anna Way.Bridport PR
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