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These entries are not a complete listing but are aimed at helping fellow researchers looking for their ancestors. If you have additions or a full transcription to add they would be very welcome

No.YearDateGROOM'S SURNAMEForenameStatus AgeOccupationResidenceGrooms Father BRIDE'S SURNAMEForenameStatusAgeOccupation ResidenceBrides FatherWitnessesCommentReference
.175931 JanPERROTTJoseph. FullLabourerWalditch.CLARKBridgetSpinsterFull.Burton Bradstock.Margery Bishop and John AnningBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR
.176219 FebADAMSJohn.Full Rector of the Parish of South Perrott..SOPER ElizabethSpinsterFull.Burton Bradstock.Samuel Soper and John AnningBy LicenceBurton Bradstock PR
.181525 JulGALEArthurBachelor ....HUTCHINGSHarriettSpinster.. ..James Knight and Sarah Knight.Burton Bradstock PR
.181604 SepHUMPHRIESGeorge BachelorFull.Burton Bradstock.KNIGHTElizabeth SpinsterFull.Burton Bradstock.Richard Gale and Jos. WestBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR
.181631 DecKNIGHTJohnBachelor Full.Burton Bradstock.BESTBetseySpinster Full.Burton Bradstock.Jos. Hunt, Sarah Bishop, Ann Sheard , R. Sheard, John Woodcock and Eliz. AnningBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR
.181704 FebGALEJohnBachelor Full.Burton Bradstock.KNIGHTMariaSpinster Full.Burton Bradstock.John Buckler and John Knight By BannsBurton Bradstock PR
.182029 MayCLARKJohnBachelor Full.Burton Bradstock.HUTCHINGSMary Ann SpinsterFull.Burton Bradstock.James Young and Josephine WestBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR
.182220 MayTRAVERSJamesBachelor Full.Bradford in the county of Dorset.SLADEJane SpinsterFull.Burton Bradstock.Thomas Bartlett and Eliz. RobertsBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR
.182524 JanKNIGHTThomasBachelor Full.Abbotsbury.HUTCHINGSMarySpinsterFull.Burton Bradstock.William Knight and Eliz. WilliamsBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR.
.182807 FebHUTCHINGSWilliam BachelorFull.Burton Bradstock.THORNEAnn SpinsterFull.Burton Bradstock.William Gurnard and Rebecca GaleBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR.
.183002 MayHUTCHINGSHenry BachelorFull.Burton Bradstock.WHITTLEJane SpinsterFull.Burton Bradstock.Thomas Whittle and Mary Ann WhittleBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR.
.183001 JunTHORNERJosephBachelor Full.Burton Bradstock.GARDENERTheodosia SpinsterFull.Burton Bradstock.Charles Travers, Jane Hutchings and Oliver WhittleBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR.
.183131 JulTRAVERSCharles Bachelor....HUTCHINGSJaneSpinster.. ..William Gerrard and Frances Hutchings.Burton Bradstock PR.
.183217 MarSYMESSilasBachelor ....TRAVERSRachaelSpinster.. ..Charles Travers, Mary Legg and Oliver Whittle.Burton Bradstock PR.
.183403 AprGIFFORDWilliam BachelorFull.Burton Bradstock.KNIGHTJane SpinsterFull.Burton Bradstock.William Knight and Ann KnightBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR.
.183601 MarCLARKJosephBachelor Full.Burton Bradstock.TRAVERSFanneySpinster Full.Burton Bradstock.Robert Travers and H. ChantBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR.
.183828 NovCHANTThomasBachelor FullBakerBurton BradstockWilliam Chant - Labourer HELYEARElizabethSpinsterFull.Burton BradstockJames Helyear - BakerJoseph Gerrard and Mary HelyearBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR.
.183905 SepKNIGHJamesBachelor FullBlacksmithBurton BradstockJames Knight - Balcksmith HANSFORDSarah JaneSpinsterFull.Burton Bradstock Arthur Hansford - DairymanRobert Knight and Mary Ann HansfordBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR.
.184101 JanSPRACKLERRobert BachelorFullLabourerBurton BradstockRobert Sprackler - LabourerCHANTAnnSpinsterFull.Burton Bradstock William Chant - LabourerHenry Matthews and Edmund ChantBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR.
.184208 NovSTILLHenryBachelor FullShepherdBurton BradstockTHomas Still - LabourerTRAVERSMary AnnSpinsterFull.Burton BradstockRobert Travers - LabourerCharles Travers and Mary Ann CousinsBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR.
.184406 FebCHANTRobertBachelor FullMarinerBurton BradstockWilliam Chant - Labourer GALEMarySpinsterFull.Burton BradstockHenry Gale - BakerRobert Gale and Anna WeakleyBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR.
.184405 MarTOMKINSHenryBachelor FullMarinerBurton BradstockRichard Tomkins - LabourerTRAVERSSusannahSpinsterFull.Burton BradstockRichard Travers - LabourerJohn Perrott and Eliz. Best By BannsBurton Bradstock PR.
.184615 JanHOLMESWilliam Puttam BachelorFullMarinerSeatonJames Holmes - Yeoman WHITTLEAnnSpinsterFull.Burton BradstockHenry Whittle - CarpenterWilliam Whittle and Eliz. GaleBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR.
.185113 AprTRAVERSRichard Bachelor19Hackler.Charles Travers - HacklerBILES Mary AmeliaSpinster19..William Biles - Ship's Carpenter..Burton Bradstock PR.
.185119 AprGURNARDJosephBachelor FullMariner.John Gurnard - LabourerHUTCHINGSMary SpinsterFull..William Hutchings -Cordwainer.. Burton Bradstock PR.
.186525 DecTRAVERSRichard WidowerFullHecklerBurton BradstockCharles Travers - FarmerWRIXTONElizabeth BilesSpinsterFull.Burton BradstockRichard Wrixton - MarinerHenry Hutchings Clark and Clementina WrixonBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR.
.186629 MarSPENCERSamuelBachelor FullBricklayerAllingtonJohn Spencer - Bricklayer TRAVERSEllenSpinsterFull.SymondsburyJohn Travers - LabourerJohn Spencer and Ann SpencerBy BannsBurton Bradstock PR.
.186824 DecHOARERobertBachelor FullMechanicBurton BradstockCharles Hoare - Merchant WRIXTONClementinaSpinsterFull.Burton Bradstock Richard Wrixton - MarinerRichard Travers and Elizbeth Travers. Burton Bradstock PR.

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