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These entries are not a complete listing but is aimed at helping fellow researchers looking for their ancestors. If you have additions or a full transcription to add they would be very welcome

YearDateSurname ForenameAge at deathAbodeCommentsSource
159604 JunGUPPIEAgnes. .Wife of John GuppieCattistock PR
159824 FebGUPPIEPhillis. .Daughter of John GuppieCattistock PR
160601 AprRUSSELLThomas. ..Cattistock PR
160709 JulRUSSELLDeanes. .Daughter of JoaneCattistock PR
167029 AprRUSSELLJoanna. .Daughter of Simon and HonorCattistock PR
168323 DecRUSSELLSymon. .Son of SymonCattistock PR
170910 JulRUSSELLUrsula. .SpinsterCattistock PR
171213 JanRUSSELLSimon. .LabourerCattistock PR
171506 SepRUSSELLWm. snr. ..Cattistock PR
171805 JanRUSSELLBeatrice. .Son of SymonCattistock PR
171907 JanRUSSELLHonor. .widowCattistock PR
171925 JanBARTLETJohn. .Son of DanielCattistock PR
171920 DecBARTLETEustace. E.ComptonWidowCattistock PR
173630 AprRUSSELLMellis. .Daughter of WilliamCattistock PR
174117 AprRUSSELLThomas. .ShepherdCattistock PR
174229 AugRUSSELLAnne. .Wife of JohnCattistock PR
174530 AprRUSSELLWilliam. .Son of WilliamCattistock PR
174622 JunRUSSELLSarah. .Base daughter of BeatriceCattistock PR
174721 OctRUSSELLGrace. .Widow of Thos. senrCattistock PR
175106 FebRUSSELLEliz. .Wife of WilliamCattistock PR
175324 OctRUSSELLThos. .Son of Simon, infantCattistock PR
175507 DecBARTLETFrances. .Widow of DanielCattistock PR
175929 NovRUSSELLWilliam. .ShepherdCattistock PR
175917 DecBARTLETDaniel. ..Cattistock PR
178329 JunRUSSELLSimon58 ..Cattistock PR
181406 MarRUSSELLTemperance95 SwanhillsWidowCattistock PR
182227 OctRUSSELLSimon56 Forstonmarried manCattistock PR
182302 NovRUSSELLPriscill4 Swanhills.Cattistock PR
182822 NovRUSSELLEliz74 Swanhills.Cattistock PR
183110 AugRUSSELLPhoebe24 ..Cattistock PR
183201 JanRUSSELLAlfredinfant ..Cattistock PR
183501 JulRUSSELLEmma Dunford2 ..Cattistock PR
183704 JunRUSSELLJohn1 ..Cattistock PR

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