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These entries are not a complete listing but is aimed at helping fellow researchers looking for their ancestors. If you have additions or a full transcription to add they would be very welcome

YearDateSurname ForenameAge at deathAbode and/or CommentsSource
181403 SepMULLENSMary80 .Abbotsbury BT
181516 JulBOATSWAINAnn45 .Abbotsbury BT
181510 MarSHEANRobert5 .Abbotsbury BT
181709 MarARNOLDGrace57 .Abbotsbury BT
181711 MayORCHARDEdith87 .Abbotsbury BT
181910 AprORCHARDJacobOld .Abbotsbury BT
182027 MarCRITCHELLThomas2 .Abbotsbury BT
182125 JunBOATSWAINJohn78 .Abbotsbury BT
182304 MayBOATSWAINElizabeth20 .Abbotsbury BT
182514 AprCRITCHELLElizabeth Ann3 months.Abbotsbury BT
182530 MayCRITCHELLAnn35 .Abbotsbury BT
182823 MayCRITCHELLSarah2 .Abbotsbury BT
182803 DecCRITCHELLAnn7 months .Abbotsbury BT
182910 AprCRITCHELLMartha14 months .Abbotsbury BT
183024 DecBOATSWAINWilliam77 .Abbotsbury BT
183104 AugFORDGeofrey84 .Abbotsbury BT
183217 FebCRITCHELLWilliam7 months .Abbotsbury BT
183227 NovCRITCHELLMartha59 .Abbotsbury BT
183331 JanBOATSWAINHannah79 .Abbotsbury BT
183313 OctBOATSWAINMartha69 ElsworthAbbotsbury BT
183327 OctBOATSWAINDavid81 ElsworthAbbotsbury BT
183513 AprORCHARDJamesinfant .Abbotsbury BT
183629 MarCRITCHELLElizabeth59 .Abbotsbury BT
183604 JunORCHARDMary9 .Abbotsbury BT
183712 OctBOATSWAINThomas73 .Abbotsbury BT
183720 DecBOATSWAINJohninfant .Abbotsbury BT
183828 JanBOATSWAINSarah22 .Abbotsbury BT
183830 AprBOATSWAINWilliam86 .Abbotsbury BT
183912 MarBOATSWAINJohn72 .Abbotsbury BT
186531 JanORCHARDJohn66 .Abbotsbury PR
186723 NovCHURCHILLJane90 .Abbotsbury PR
186827 NovCRITCHELLMartha4 daughter of James and SarahAbbotsbury PR
186904 JanBOATSWAINHenry57 .Abbotsbury PR
186916 DecKRITCHELLMary27 .Abbotsbury PR
187008 JanKNIGHTAnn52 of Burton BradstockAbbotsbury PR
187004 AprBOATSWAINWilliam4 months .Abbotsbury PR
187017 DecCHURCHILLJohn53 .Abbotsbury PR
187030 DecORCHARDAnn57 .Abbotsbury PR
187110 NovDARKMary76 .Abbotsbury PR
187216 FebCRITCHELLWilliam57 .Abbotsbury PR
187403 JanCRITCHELLArthur1 .Abbotsbury PR
187420 MarBOATSWAINMary73 .Abbotsbury PR
187524 DecBOATSWAINWilliam68 .Abbotsbury PR
187621 JunCRITCHELLEliza18 months .Abbotsbury PR
188012 SepCRITCHELLLaura Ellen19 .Abbotsbury PR
188211 FebCRITCHELLJames67 .Abbotsbury PR
188322 MayBOATSWAINElizabeth77 .Abbotsbury PR

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